SSE Seminar Series - Viljami Lyytikäinen "How to Educate the World's Best Product Designers - Lessons learned from Aalto Design Factory"

Monday, March 3, 2014 ( 11:00 am to 12:30 pm )

Location: Babbio 541 - CCSE Lab

How to Educate the World's Best Product Designers - Lessons learned from Aalto Design Factory
Viljami Lyytikäinen, Head of International Operations

Aalto Design Factory

ABSTRACT:  Aalto Design Factory, opened in October 2008, is one of the projects of the newly formed Aalto University*. In Aalto University, it serves two strategic goals: firstly, to understand how to educate the world's best product designers, and secondly, to help Aalto University as a whole develop a more passion-based, student centric learning culture.
Design Factory is serving as an experimental platform, showroom and source of inspiration for all the parties (both academia and industry) involved. In essence Design Factory is a 3000m2 place where students, teachers, researchers and industry partners can interact under the same roof. The place has its architecture and certain enabling and supporting technologies, but even more important are the soft issues - philosophy, attitudes and the ways of working.
The core of the activities hosted in the Design Factory are interdisciplinary problem and project based learning courses in product development. The course are done in collaboration with industrial partners, and go through all the necessary phases from the initial problem or idea, to the realisation of a functional prototype or such like.
*Aalto University is the merger of three of the leading institutions in their own field in Finland; Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki. The new university started officially 1st of January 2010.

BIOGRAPHY:  Mr. Viljami Lyytikäinen works as the Head of International Operations of Aalto Design Factory, managing the internationalization of Aalto Design Factory and developing the Design Factory Global Network (
He has a M.Sc. degree in Science (Technology). He is currently also doing his Ph. D studies at Aalto University, in the area of Product Development. Prior to heading the international operations, he spent 1,5 years in Shanghai, working as the Operative Director of Aalto-Tongji Design Factory. Before working in Shanghai, he has been involved in teaching activities in Product Development courses at Aalto University School of Science and as a part of the Design Factory Research Team.