SSE Seminar Series: "Business Model Innovation" - Peter Koen, Howe School of Technology Management

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 2:00 pm

Location: TBA

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SSE Seminar Series | TALK 2: Business Model Innovation
Peter Koen, Associate Professor
Howe School of Technology Management
Stevens Institute of Technology

ABSTRACT: This Webinar will focus on why large firms have difficulty succeeding with business-model innovations. Sony changed the way people listen to music with their Walkman and Discman portable music players and Microsoft made a computer in every home a reality. But these same firms faltered when it came to business-model innovation. Sony failed to develop a successful MP3 player and allowed Apple to take over the market with the iPod and iTunes. Microsoft allowed Google to dominate the search-engine space, failing in multiple attempts to compete in the search market. This webinar will provide the leading reasons why this occurs and makes recommendation of how companies can avoid this problem from happening.

BIO: Peter Koen is a tenured Associate Professor in the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management. He is currently the director of the Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship (CCE), which he founded in 1998, and whose mission is to significantly increase the number, speed and success probability of highly profitable products and services at the “Front End of Innovation” ( – which is the discovery portion of the innovation process.  Current consortium members include Ethicon (a division of Johnson and Johnson), ExxonMobil and P&G.

These talks are being presented as a three part seminar series with Peter Koen. Save the dates for these upcoming topics.


  • TALK 3 | Creating Transformational and Breakthrough Innovation in a Web 2.0 Environment
    Wednesday, November 7 – 2:00 PM | LOCATION: BABBIO 541B
    A recent book by Sawyer (Group Genius: The Power of Collaboration, 2007) provides convincing evidence that having an effective network is more powerful than the creativity of a lone genius. However tacit knowledge, the knowledge we know but cannot easily explain in words, cannot be communicated through email communication. Tacit knowledge can only be communicated through authentic dialogue that typically requires in face meetings. However, methods of collaboration are going through a cataclysmic change with wikis, blogs, prediction markets, Facebook, and Twitter. This webinar will discuss how can large companies can make use of these new platforms to improve tacit knowledge exchange which will enhance breakthrough innovation?