SSE Invited Talk - Yennun Huang "Ride on technology waves that are changing our life"

Thursday, February 7, 2013 ( 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm )

Location: Babbio 541B


SSE Invited Talk
Ride on Technology Waves That Are Changing our Life
Yennun Huang
Executive Secretary of Taiwan
Office of Science and Technology of Executive Yuan

ABSTRACT: In the last 30 years, we have experienced 6 information and communication (ICT) technology waves that have changed our life and the ICT industries:  system wave from proprietary to Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS),  device wave from dumb to smart, network wave from proprietary to open Internet,  content wave from voice to multimedia,  service wave from general to personalized, and architecture wave from centralized to decentralized and then to cloud.  In this talk, I will describe my R&D work which rides on these waves and makes impacts at a very large scale. Particularly, I will describe my research work on dependable computing,  innovative services that I deployed on digital converged networks, and the ICT programs that I initiated and promoted in Taiwan.
BIO: Dr. Huang received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland.  He Joined AT&T Bell Labs in 1989.  He worked on Software Implemented Fault Tolerance (SwiFT) tools which have been applied to tens of telecommunication systems in AT&T and SwiFT was named one of the ten major technology breakthroughs in Bell Laboratories in 1992.  Dr. Huang became a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff of Bell Labs in 1996.  He started the Dependable Computing Research Department in AT&T in 1999 and was the department head of the organization to ensure the high dependability of all AT&T services.  Dr. Huang became the VP of Engineering of PreCache Inc, a Sony subsidiary,  in 2001 to create a multi-media content delivery platform.  In late 2004,  Dr. Huang returned to AT&T and later became the Executive Director of Dependable Distributed Computing and Communication Research Department to lead research on Digital Content Management and IPTV research programs. In 2007, Dr. Huang went to Taiwan and became the Executive Vice President of Institute for Information Industry, a government funded R&D organization with more than 1800 employees.  From 2008 to 2011,  Dr. Huang was the President of VeeTIME Co. to build quadruple-play telecom services including cable TV, FTTx, NGN voice and 4G Wimax using an all-IP network in central and south Taiwan.  Dr. Huang has had more than 80 papers published in major journals and conferences,  and more than 20 US patents awarded which have generated millions of US dollars of licensing revenue for AT&T and Lucent Technologies.   Dr. Huang joined Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) of Academia Sinica in 2011 as the CEO of Security Research Center in Academia Sinica. He is currently the Deputy Executive Secretary of Taiwan Office of Science and Technology of Executive Yuan,  helping Taiwan government on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) R&D policy and funding allocation.  Dr. Huang was elected as an IEEE Fellow in 2012 for his contributions on fault tolerant and fault avoidance software.