SSE Invited Talk - Hal Mooz, "Your Decisions Are Shaping Your Life...But Are You Decision Fit?"

Friday, September 21, 2012 11:30 am

Location: Babbio 320 and Online via Wimba


SSE Invited Talk

Your Decisions Are Shaping Your Life…But Are You Decision Fit?

Hal Mooz

Co-Founder, DecisionFitness



The quality of your business and personal future will be determined by your decisions. However, although this is our most important life skill we are seldom trained in making sound, defensible decisions. The results are published in the press almost every day as famous people make thoughtless decisions that negatively affect their careers and their quality of life. Your life is already being shaped by your decisions. But, are you really decision fit enough to make the important decisions facing you in the future. This presentation will focus on one of three decision related models presented in the book, Make Up Your Mind. The decision judgment model clarifies the ten bases for judging decision alternatives. Some bases are defensible to oversight and others are not. You need to be fully cognizant of the differences and when it is appropriate to apply each judgment basis. And, you should become decision fit enough to guide others that not cognizant of their decision making deficiencies.



Hal Mooz, PMP, CSEP,  (Tiburon, CA) and a graduate of Stevens is an experienced aerospace chief systems engineer and project manager and is the co-founder of a management training and consulting company. He has implemented leading university and industry training programs and trained over 10,000 high-technology project managers across the globe. His earlier book, Visualizing Project Management, has been selected by leading universities for post graduate programs and it is now published in four languages. He is a certified project management professional and a certified systems engineering professional. Hal was awarded the CIA’s Seal Medallion for excellence in service to the agency and was named the International Council on Systems Engineering’s Pioneer for 2002.

Early on Mr. Mooz recognized that the key skill in resolving both personal and business issues is decision making. Yet decision making is seldom taught and when it is, it is usually presented from too narrow a point of view that is inadequate for the normal range of decisions. While co-teaching Systems Management with one of the world’s leading experts in Decision Analysis, Mr. Mooz came to the realization that the broader scope of Thinking Clearly About Decisions was not being addressed. After many years of research and development Mr. Mooz conceived three proprietary models: a Decision Type Model that characterizes what is at stake with any decision; a Decision Solution Model that frames the most suitable alternatives to choose from; and a Decision Judgment Model that provides ten bases for deciding, some of which may be defensible and others that even though they are popular are not defensible.

Mr. Mooz now directs his creative energy to teaching others to become decision fit which can improve both individual and team performance at work and at home.