SSE Invited Talk - Brian Berenbach, "The Modeling of Medical Systems"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 2:30 pm

Location: Babbio 541B


Title: The Modeling of Medical Systems 

Abstract: The modeling of medical systems is challenging for a variety of reasons. First, it may be difficult to schedule time with key domain experts and other stakeholders. The experts, while very knowledgeable in their field, often have difficulty expressing themselves in a cogent fashion. Furthermore, there are many different areas of medicine, each with its own set of terms, processes and constraints, and finally medical systems tend to be complex. This research talk will discuss the presenter’s experiences in modeling various medical systems, including integrated health care networks, hospital processes, medical equipment, operating room procedures and emergency room operations. Actual models will be used as illustrations. Finally, frustration using the UML and SysML to capturing medical processes led to research in a new modeling language, the Unified Requirements Modeling Language (URML). A Phlebotomy process model will be used to highlight the features of this new visual systems language. 


Brian Berenbach is currently a senior engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology. Mr. Berenbach has over 45 years experience working with power, IT, controls, education and medical systems. He has an INCOSE ESEP certification and is an ACM Distinguished Engineer. Mr. Berenbach has over 40 refereed conference and journal papers, 4 patents, and is the author of a text on requirements engineering. He has a graduate degree from Emory University, and a graduate certification (MS equivalent) in nuclear engineering from the USAF.