SIFMA TECH 2014: Prof. Khashanah to Present on ACTUS Panel

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 ( 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm )

Location: SIFMA TECH 2014

SIFMA TECH 2014: Wednesday, June 18
01:30pm – 02:30pm Session 2: Track #1 – Infrastructure – ACTUS: The New Standard for Financial Data
ACTUS: The New Standard for Financial Data
The financial crisis of 2008 made clear that neither financial industry executives nor regulators had the data or analytics to
understand the crisis as it emerged. As a response, the ACTUS project is establishing a new global data standard for the
representation of financial instruments to support forward­looking financial analysis of granular transaction and position data.
Hear a presentation on the principles of the ACTUS standard, see a demonstration of its capabilities, and preview the potential
of ACTUS to improve enterprise risk management, contribute to more efficient financial markets, and significantly reduce the
cost and burden of regulation.

PANELIST: Khaldoun Khashanah
Director and Professor, Financial Engineering Division
Stevens Institute of Technology