Richard Sanchez, Inauguration Remarks

Richard Sanchez, Inauguration Remarks

Dr. Farvardin, distinguished guests, members of the Stevens community, and my fellow students:

I am honored to have the privilege of speaking to you today on such an historic occasion. On behalf of the student body at Stevens Institute of Technology, I would like to once again, welcome everyone to Stevens – our home, our community, our family.
Like many others, I chose Stevens for its challenging academic curricula and vast career possibilities. Stevens chose you, Dr. Farvardin, to be our new President; to enrich the Stevens experience and expand our University’s reach across the country and around the globe. We, the student body, support you, as you position the University to reach ever higher levels of achievement and recognition. 

Today, we offer you three Calls to Action:
As a community, we ask you to embrace the traditions that Stevens has upheld over 141 years.  In return, we commit to you that we will uphold the values of the Stevens community -- to seek excellence in all our endeavors, to act with honesty and integrity in how we learn, how we submit our work, conduct research, and in how we interact with others.

Empower us with the tools, resources, and expertise to become better engineers, scientists, and business leaders.   We aspire to build with you a community of scholar/citizens prepared to seek solutions to the pressing challenges faced by our country and the world. 

Lastly,   INSPIRE.
We are calling upon you, Dr. Farvardin, to inspire every professor, administrator, and student toward the purpose of strengthening our Stevens community.  Call us to come together with a common vision and commitment to the continued success of the University.  Encourage us to share our ideas and to act upon the best of them.

Our legacy reminds us that our campus is not merely a destination, but rather the starting point of a lifelong journey.   We commit to you to honor and cherish our membership in the Stevens community now, and in the future, as loyal Alumni.

Embrace, Empower, Inspire. 
 We welcome you, President Farvardin, to our home...and now yours.
Thank you.