Leader Self-awareness: Insights from the Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences

Friday, November 8, 2013 ( 10:00 am to 1:00 pm )

Location: Altorfer 501 (610 River Street), Stevens Institute of Technology

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Leader Self-awareness: Insights from the Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences
Joint Workshop of the College of Arts & Letters, the W.J. Howe School of Technology Management, and The School of Systems and Enterprises

Join us for the first of an ongoing series of Cross-Institute discussions exploring the nature of leadership and leader development in the 21st century. Leading and being led are universal experiences of interest to thinkers from numerous disciplines and backgrounds. Each workshop will focus on a different facet of leadership by bringing together perspectives from the humanities, management, engineering and other disciplines. We’ll examine the underlying themes that tie these various disciplines together in relation to understanding and experiencing leadership. We’ll also shed light on the key distinctions and unique insights that these different perspectives offer one another. Like leadership itself these workshops are intended to be interactive and experience driven.

Our first session on November 8th focuses on self-awareness, how it relates to leader development, why it contributes to effectiveness and what one can do to develop this important meta-skill.


"Oh, really?": Learning from Experience by Asking and Answering Our Own Tough Questions
Pamela Burke, W.J. Howe School of Technology Management and Principle Partner, Unbound Edge, Inc.

Understanding the Unique Importance of Self-Awareness in Leader Development
Peter G. Dominick, W.J. Howe School of Technology Management

Stoic Leadership: Remarks on Marcus Aurelius
Michael Steinmann, College of Arts & Letters

Self-Awareness and Organizational Renewal at the Environmental Protection Agency, 1970
Lee Vinsel, College of Arts & Letters