Humanities Forum - ALLEGRO: Performance and Discussion

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 ( 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm )

Location: Morton 324

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September 25, 2013. "ALLEGRO: Performance and Discussion"
A talk by Prof. Andy Brick.


This performance and discussion explores the multifaceted creative and technical process underlying the composition and realization of my most recent orchestral work.  The composer will discuss his exploration of the harmonic meaning of deception, his approach to orchestration devices presented throughout the piece, and the creation of a hybrid Allegro form.   A turn towards the technology driving the performance leads us to wonder if we are not approaching a time when human beings are no longer necessary for a fully realized orchestral recording.  If so, what are the implications for the creative process?  Do we need to worry about human imperfections if those imperfections can be eliminated by technology or is human imperfection that which leads to ultimate beauty?

Andy Brick is a prolific symphonist.  He has composed, conducted and orchestrated music for such blockbuster film and video game titles as The Little Mermaid II, The Lady and The Tramp II. Sim City: Rush Hour, Stranglehold, Sims 2 , Warhammer,  Civilization V and Mafia 2.  His score for the animated short "Runaway" helped that film earn a 2012 Academy Award nomination and his score for the independent film SHIFT can be heard as part of the permanent film exhibition at the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art.  In 2003 Brick set a historic milestone conducting the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in the world’s first symphonic game music concert at the Gewandhaus, Leipzig Germany. Since then he has performed in concert with many world renown orchestras including The Seattle Symphony, The National Symphony of the United States, The North Carolina Symphony, The Vancouver Symphony, and The Calgary Philharmonic.  At Stevens, Brick has been honored  as the 2013 recipient of the Student Government's Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award and is currently the Director of the Music and Technology Program.