Dr. Jeong Kim Inauguration Remarks

Hello everyone. You know, all the positive things that have been said about Nariman are so true. The question is does he have any weaknesses and actually somebody asked me that and I really couldn’t think of any. You know, I’ve seen him working through the pain because he was physically sick but he had work to do - important work to do. So, I have seen him working through the pain. I have seen him making really difficult decisions that are politically charged but it was the right thing to do. I have seen him making the right priorities in education institutions where students come first and I have seen him making the right kind of balance of work and family. I mean Hoveida is here, such a wonderful spouse, but I have seen the dynamics of family and embracing an extended family throughout the universities. I’ve seen firsthand. So, we talk about all these big words to describe him, you know, dynamic leader, bold vision, but I will tell you I meet a lot of people established in academics in the business world and otherwise …very few people will match what Nariman has to offer and I’m not the only one who feels this way. I know Jim Clark feels this way, many of us who know him feel this way. Actually, he doesn’t give you the impression when you first meet him, okay. He’s very modest but as you get to know him you just come to realize he’s a very, very special person very, very special person. So, what do you do for a very special person? You go out of your way to help him. You know, I don’t know exactly what made him very special. I mean, I guess it comes down to his life experiences, but I think one thing that I’m guessing is that you probably use one word to describe him ... the one word is change agent. I think perhaps because he’s an immigrant who struggled through coming to a new country and adopting change, he uses change as an opportunity to excel himself to where he is. Maybe that’s one of the reasons. I know that he has that kind of vision.  He’s about the change and he’s not excepting anything less than the best, (I) guarantee you. He will not push you to the point where you give up, but he will push you to the limit and he will never stop until you are at the very top in everything that you do. So, you either have to embrace the change or pain is optional for you. It’s going to happen, so I encourage you to embrace him.  Embrace change because as good as this institution is, when I come back a few years later it will be much better. Thank you.