Design Thinking: From Touchpoint to Strategy

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 ( 11:30 am to 4:30 pm )

Location: Horizon, Newark, NJ

Howe School Alliance for Technology Management February 2014 Roundtable

The power of design thinking to improve customer experiences and relationships is well established on the front end, but its value as a strategic tool has not been as thoroughly investigated.

That will change at the Feb. 25, 2014, roundtable, where we will explore this side of design thinking and tackle a practical problem using such a strategy. Some powerful macro applications of design thinking will be explored for use in settings that range across industries.

Among the topics that will be explored:

  • How the Four Seasons chain uses design thinking to shape its strategy, and how it has completely incorporated it into everyday operations.  
  • How a bank used design thinking to grow strategically from $150 million to $7 billion in assets.  
  • How one global services firm adjusted its B2B relationships to establish a strong new value proposition.  
  • How the synergy of products, services and strategy encompassed by the iPod crystallized Apple’s turnaround thinking.

This roundtable will build on the July and September sessions, which looked at the front-end side of design thinking — how small, specific instances, or “touchpoints,” can add up to a powerful customer experience. You will benefit from this meeting whether or not you attended the past sessions on design thinking.

Our facilitator will be Anthony Le Storti, a senior associate with the Alliance. 

For more information please contact:  [email protected]