Business Transformation Management: Composition & Orchestration of Management Services

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 ( 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm )

Location: Babbio 430

Howe School Talk

Niz Safrudin, PhD research student, Queensland University of Technology

Business transformations are triggered by the need to address an enterprise's current or anticipated value deficiencies. Common examples include overhauling legacy systems for multi-national corporations, in order to have a centralized system across its globally distributed organizations for efficiency and scalability purposes, among others. Such initiatives are highly complex as it involves changes to both technical and socio-behavioral aspects. This study therefore investigates how are business transformations managed, by conceptualizing the managerial capabilities required to transform the enterprise in the form of services, viz. management services. The outcome of this research entails the development of a theory by using jazz (music) orchestration as a metaphor on how to orchestrate those management services.


Niz is a PhD research student within Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Information Systems School. Niz’s research focuses on the area ofBusiness Transformation Management and she is funded by the SAP Business Transformation Academy in Switzerland. Ms. Safrudin is also a research associate and active contributor for the annual SAP Global Business Transformation Summit, where she has presented and chaired research agendas on digital enterprise transformation to both senior executives and academics. Niz has a background in Business Process Management. Her Honors study, on how novices model business processes, won a best paper award at the Business Process Management conference in the USA.