Alexei Miasnikov

Professor and Director of the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Alexei Miasnikov is a member of the Algebraic Cryptography Center, which focuses on research in specific thrust areas including: cryptography and cryptanalysis, generic complexity, statistical algebra, and assymptotic group theory.  To help further his research, Miasnikov is the recipient of an NSF research and education grant to bring scholars from various branches of mathematics and computer science together to consider new approaches to open questions in the field of geometric, combinational and computational group theory.

He is a co-recipient of the Marsden Award, a fund that invests in investigator-initiated research aimed at generating new knowledge, on a project that aims to investigate mathematical structures described by finite state machines such as automata. These structures include fragments of the arithmetic and state spaces of computer programs, the cornerstones of modern computing.

Areas of Expertise

Combinatorial, geometric, algorithmic and asymptotic group theory Algorithmic and model theoretic algebra Mathematical logic and recursion theory Average and generic computational complexity Cryptography Statistical methods in pure mathematics  

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