Alexander Sutin

Research Professor and Senior Scientist for the Center for Maritime Systems

Alexander Sutin is a senior scientist for the Center for Maritime Systems, an acoustics expert and an innovator of a new technology known as time-reversal acoustics. The technology promises a wide array of applications, including: ultra-precise medical imaging; diagnostic techniques using ultrasound; incision-free surgical techniques; and the potential for a method of recharging the batteries of implanted devices like pacemakers without performing surgery.  His research areas include physical and nonlinear acoustics, underwater acoustics and land mine detection.

Sutin is an award-winning author and has contributed to multiple conference proceedings and journals. He has received recognition for his research contributions, such as: the Winner region Blekinge, Sweden 2001; and SKAPA Foundation Award in memory of Alfred Nobel, for Nonlinear Nondestructive Ultrasound Testing.

Areas of Expertise

Physical and nonlinear acoustics, underwater acoustics and acoustical oceanography Passive acoustic diver detection Land mine detection Time-reversal acoustics  

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