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Stevens family history, genealogy and artifacts from the original Stevens Castle can be found within this collection. Records are in the form of biographies, correspondence, articles, books, photographs, and also include items such as the Stevens family papers on microfilm. 

A computerized version of the Stevens Family Genealogy exists within the collection. John Stevens, the great grandfather of the founder of Stevens Institute of Technology, was born in 1682 and the first to come to America, and the Family Genealogy details the history of the family since that time.  Please contact Leah Loscutoff for further information on this collection.  



On October 6th, the descendants of John Stevens I, reunited for the first time in 30 years at Stevens Institute of Technology. Here is a link to a photo album of the reunion where participants explored the S.C. Williams Library Special Collections, as well as traced their family histories in a genealogy lab.

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