Document Request

Please use the Online Article Request Form (right) to request articles. If you have problems with the online version, download the paper form, fill it out completely, and submit the form and the appropriate fee to the Circulation Desk.

A separate form is required for each request. If you fill out the Paper Form, print out the citation for the document and staple it to the request form. This saves time and helps the Library process your request faster. A complete citation is required. Be sure to legibly include your full contact information.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot obtain the following:
• Any documents that the S.C. Williams Library has through our databases or print periodicals
• Entire issues of periodicals - we can get individual documents only. No more than 3 articles per issue of a journal will be filled in one calendar year to comply with copyright laws. 
• Rare or archival materials, including manuscripts
•  ISO or ANSI standards
• Other items subject to copyright limitations

The ILL Department is waiving the $1 fee for the regular reqeusts during the Fall semester as a trial period. If all things go well, we will keep the fee waived (unless circumstances permit us from doing so). 


Regluar Request

Turn around time is usually 3-10 business days depending on the amount of requests we receive and how fast the lending library can fill the request. 


Rush Request

We are sometimes able to get the documents faster that regular turn around time. If you would like a rush request, the fee is $10. Turn around time for Rush Requests is 1-3 business days (not including weekends, holidays, or breaks). 


Publisher Direct Option

If you would like us to purchase a copy of your journal article directly from a publisher, you may do so for a fee. This option would be ideal for patrons needing the clearest available pictures in his/her articles such as pictures of molecules, cells, etc. There is a $5 fee for this option.


Please note: Fees can be higher if an article costs more than the$25 the library subsidizes for publisher direct documents. The library cannot guarantee that we will be able to get a publisher’s copy. If either of these circumstances occurs, we would contact you to decide how to proceed.

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