Non-Stevens Thesis/Dissertations Request

Non-Stevens Dissertation Request

Dissertations written by students at other universities may only be purchased through the Document Delivery Services.


$12 for each dissertation (Turn around time is from 3 days up to 2 weeks depending on if the dissertaion is avialable for instant download or if the company has to ship the document to us) 

It will cost an extra $3 if you need it mailed to you off campus. Please allow an extra 10 business days for delivery of your request.


*PLEASE NOTE: We are using the online Document Reqest Form version until we can have the Online Dissertation form created. Instead of noting the joural and article title, please fill in the info of the dissertation you request such as the title of the work, author, university, and year (as seen in the PDF form) . For page numbers please note 1-100 etc so that the form is processed. 

If using the printed form you many staple a printout of the complete citation to the request form. You can search for and locate records for many dissertations and theses using the FirstSearch – Dissertations database. Submit the form and the $12.00 fee to the Circulation Desk.

Click Below to Order Non-Stevens Dissertations

online ns thesis/dissertations form

pdf form


Fall 2014 Incoming Students Survey

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New Library Experience Coming in the Fall

The staff of the Samuel C. Williams Library is excited to announce that the second floor of the Library will be renovated this summer.  We ask for your patience and understanding during this time. We look forward to the grand re-opening of the second floor space in August. 

Benefits of the renovation include:

·      increased quiet and group study space

·      comfortable new furniture

·      more power outlets

·      improved wi-fi

·      charging stations

·      study room improvements

The Library will be open throughout the summer. 

(Library Hours:

The second floor will be unavailable.  This includes: Study Space; Stacks Books; Library Conference Room 208-B; Archives Rooms; Study Rooms 208-A, 209, 210.  If you need a Stacks book, please contact and we will get it for you as soon as possible.  There will be some noise at times associated with the renovation process.  The first and third floors are available for your use all summer.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact and the Library Staff will be happy to help you.  We thank you for your support.

Summer Hours



Summer Hours

May 19th -Aug 29th
Monday-Thursday8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday8:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Monday, May 25thMemorial Day
Tuesday, May 26th The Library will close at 5pm for planned power outage/system upgrade
Saturday, May 30thThe Library will close at 7pm for planned power outage/system upgrade
Sunday, May 31stClosed All day. Planned power outage/system upgrade
Friday, July 3rdIndependence Day holiday


Clone of Library Home

ILL Policies


We cannot obtain the following:
  • A book that the S.C. Williams Library owns. If our copy of the book is out on loan we cannot get another copy but you may put a hold on a book through our catalog so that it must be returned by the due date
  • Reference books (These materials never circulate)
  • Current textbooks available from the bookstore
  • Special collections items
If any of these cases appear you will receive an email notifying you that we cannot fill the request.


Books should always be returned by the due date on the ILL book slip. Books must be returned PRIOR to winter break if the book is due while the library is closed. They must also be returned PRIOR to spring break if you cannot make it to campus when the book is due. 


Returning books late jeopardizes our relationship with other lending institutions. If you have a late book, the ILL Department will not put through any new book requests and you will not be able to pick up another ILL book until the late book is returned and any fines incurred are paid. STUDENTS: If you do not return the book by the due date you will get 3 emails over a one-week period of time reminding you that your book is late. If the book is not returned by the date indicated in the 3rd email, your student account will be charged a $50 processing fee and a $150 lost book replacement fee. Also, you will be responsible for any late fees incurred from the lending library. If you return the book after the fees have been charged, your student account will be reimbursed the $150 replacement fee. Please be aware that you will not be reimbursed the $50 processing fee. If you are late with an ILL book more than 2 times without contacting us about it, you will lose your ILL privileges.


It is the library's policy not to order or borrow textbooks for students. We do not carry them at our library because we do not have the space or funds to purchase copies of textbooks for each class. If you order a textbook and the ILL department requests it for you by accident (not knowing it was a textbook at the time), we will send you an email to recall the book from you. If the book is not returned by the date indicated in email, your student account will be charged a $50 processing fee and a $150 lost book replacement fee.
Our library understands how expensive textbooks are; we have a reserve shelf for some textbooks located at the circulation desk. We encourage professors to lend us a copy of their textbook if they have a duplicate. We also ask students to donate their old textbooks or encourage their professors to lend us their duplicate copy.
ILL books will be held at the circulation desk for 10 days after the arrival notification has been sent. If the books are not claimed during that time and the ILL staff are not notified, they will be sent back to the lending library.
There is a  charge of $5 for each book that is not picked up.
If a book is recalled by another university, you will be asked to return it to us immediately. Since the book is not the property of our library we must abide by the rules of the lending library.
Students are allowed only 10 Interlibrary Loan books at any one time. 
When filling out a request form, make sure to note the edition of the book. Only the exact edition that you write down will be requested. If your request for that edition is not filled you may fill out another request form and ask for another edition.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot obtain the following:
•Any documents that the S.C. Williams Library has through our databases or print periodicals
•Entire issues of periodicals - we can get individual documents only. No more than 3 articles per issue of a journal will be filled in one calendar year to comply with copyright laws. 
•Rare or archival materials, including manuscripts
•Most standards
•Other items subject to copyright limitations
If any of these cases appear, you will receive an email notifying you that we cannot fill the request. If you have paid by cash or duckbills, you can pick up the money you paid for this request at the circulation desk – only cash will be given back, we cannot replace duckbills.
We cannot accept requests that do not include:
•Title of the journal fully written out - no abbreviations 
•Title of the article
•Volume number
•Page numbers
If any of these cases appear, you will receive an email notifying you that we cannot fill the request until this information is supplied.
Fees per request:
Regular document request (usually 3-10 business days): Free
Rush request (1-3 business days): $10.00
Pulisher direct option (3-10 buiness days): $5.00
Please note: Fees are due at time of request. We will not start a request without payment.
Notification and Delivery
You will be sent PDFs of the documents that you requested through email if they are available. If the PDF is not available, we will send the document through campus/regular mail.
If we are unable to supply the material you request, we will notify you by email and you will not be charged for this request (money will be reimbursed if cash was paid). 



The S.C. Williams Library at Stevens Institute of Technology follows the regulation for fair use established by the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code)  and reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.
According to fair-use regulations, a copyrighted article that is photocopied or reproduced may not be used “for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” This means that multiple reproductions of a copyrighted article are not allowed for public use without permission of the copyright holder. Anyone who exceeds fair use of copyrighted material without permission may be liable for copyright infringement.
Fair-use regulations could also affix the availability of documents requested from out Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Department. Some publishers do not allow reproduction of their copyright material, but request instead that the material be purchased directly from them. In such cases, the fulfillment of document requests will be delayed or in some instances cost prohibitive. Should we encounter a copyright problem on a document request, you will be notified.


The Interlibrary loan department will stop making book requests in early December before the holiday break so that no books are lost in transit while the school is closed for the holidays. In addition, the department will stop making document requests about a week prior to the holidays as well because documents cannot be guaranteed to reach you after a certain date. 


Is there a “cap” on the cost of documents?
Yes. For all document requests, the Library will subsidize up to $25.00 per document.  If the document costs more than the subsidized amount, the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services department will contact you.  You must agree to pay the balance before the Library proceeds with your request. 
Why do I get some documents in just a couple of days, while it takes a couple of weeks to get others?
All requests for documents are not necessarily filled by the same service or library. The Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services Department employs a variety of vendors and libraries to get documents and they each have different delivery methods and turnaround times. 
What should I do if I have an incomplete citation?
Contact a Reference and Research Services Librarian for help in verifying your citation.  It is important that your citation be accurate to avoid delays in getting your article.  Whenever possible, please attach a copy of the citation from whatever source you used to obtain it.
What is not available through Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services?
Entire issues of periodicals (We can get individual documents only - only  4 from a specific journal in one calendar year.)
Reference books (These materials never circulate.)
Rare or fragile materials, including manuscripts (These are usually available on-site only).
Items subject to copyright limitations.
How do I get a copy of a dissertation or thesis from another institution?
See Request dissertations or theses from other universities
Can the library obtain ISO, ANSI, or other standards?
The interlibrary loan department cannot obtain any ISO or ANSI standards. Institutions do not normally lend these types of documents and the cost of purchasing one would be too high. 
Is there any way to get the full text of a document online?
The Samuel C. Williams Library provides online access to the Stevens community to many full-text databases.  The full text of over 30,000 journals, magazines, conference proceedings, and newspapers are available in the research databases.  Also, citations and abstracts are available for thousands of more publications through the databases.  Publications on every discipline at Stevens are available through the databases.  You are encouraged to take a look at the list of Online Resources and try your searches in a variety of databases.  Ask an Information Services Librarian for help selecting databases and for help improving your search methods and results.
Do I need special software to view the full text of documents online?
Many full-text databases offer the choice of viewing material as HTML or as a PDF image.  To view HTML documents, you do not need special software.  Your Internet browser will display the text.  To view a PDF page image, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from the Adobe website.
Why are some current articles unavailable when we have the full text in other years?
Sometimes a citation to a document will appear in a database before the issue of the journal has been received by a library or document delivery service.  This situation can delay the turnaround time for obtaining the full text of an article.
Where should I go if I would like to order a book that is held in the library's storage location?
Books held in our storage facility are not requested through ILL. You may request Stevens library books from remote storage using this form. This service is free and the delivery time is two business days. You will be contacted when your book arrives, and you may then check out the book at the library circulation desk. The loan period is 28 days, and you may renew the book as needed, provided that a hold hasn’t been placed on the book.
I’m an Alumni of Stevens, can I use the Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services Department?
Alumni should first refer to their local public library for Interlibrary Loan services. 
Alumni are eligible to use the library's Interlibrary Loan services to request books from other libraries, however, Interlibrary Loan books CANNOT be taken out of the library.  Alumni are free to read the books at the library  and when picking up the book, he/she will need to leave an ID at the front desk until the ILL book is returned. We will keep the book at the circulation desk for 3 weeks before returning the book to the lending library. The cost of an ILL book request will be the cost we are charged from the lending library (up to $25); if the book is free to send us, then the book will be free to the alumnus. 
Alumni can also make use of the library's Document Delivery services to request articles. The cost for documents are as follows:
  • Regular Request - $10 plus any cost for the document
  • Rush Request - $20 plus any cost for the document
  • Dissertations - $50 per request
Alumni can use the PDF forms for both of these services and drop the form with proof of Stevens affiliation and payment to the library circulation desk, or send the information and payment to: The S.C. Williams Library, Attn: ILL Department, Castle Point on the Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030.
Please contact the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services department if you have questions about Alumni Services.

Audio Visual Request

The service is free and the delivery time can be up to 12 business days. AV items cannot be rushed and cannot be mailed directly to you.

You will be contacted through email when your item arrives, and you must sign for it at the Library Circulation Desk. The audio or video will be at the Circulation Desk for one week and if it is not claimed, it will be sent back to the lending library.

The loan periods and due date for Interlibrary Loan audio/video items will be indicated on a form that the Stevens Library attaches to the item when it is received.

ILL Audio/Video Limit

No more than 5 ILL items out at one time.


We will try to obtain a renewal of your ILL  material only twice; however, we cannot guarantee that your renewal request will go through as some libraries do not allow renewals of ILL materials.

If you would like to renew an ILL item you must call 1 week prior to the due date on your ILL book. Any renewal requests later than one week before the due date will not be sent.

If an AV item is recalled by another university you will be asked to bring it back to us right away. Since the ILL material is not the property of our library we must abide by the rules of the lending library.

To renew your AV material contact the ILL Department or Ann Sanzari.