Recommend a Resource

The Library welcomes recommendations for building our print and online resource collections.   We will carefully consider all recommendations, but understand that all purchases are dependent on the current resources available and the Library's fiscal budget.

To suggest additions to our print collection, please use the book recommendation form.

Library Stills

The 2013-2014 school year saw the Library packed with students collaborating, studying and sometimes just relaxing in between classes. The library changes constantly, at different times of the day with a mixture of students, professors or others. 

This year we started an Instagram account to get a feel of the Library and all that happens here. If you want to share your images with the library use #scwlibrary or use the library location to tag your images. 

Visit the library's Instagram page for all images.

Document Request

Please use the Online Article Request Form (right) to request articles. You may also download the paper form, fill it out completely, and submit the form with the appropriate fee to the Circulation Desk.

A separate form is required for each request.

If you fill out the Paper Form, you may print out the citation for the document and staple it to the request form. This saves time and helps the Library process your request faster.

A complete citation is required. If you have problems finding a full citation, contact the Reference & Research Services Desk. Be sure to legibly include your full contact information.


Regular Request (usually 3-10 business days): Free*

Rush delivery (usually 1-3 business days): $10.00 per request

*Please note: we are doing a trial of the regular document delivery service for free during the Fall 2014 semester. We may have to go back to charging the fee again in the Spring 2015. 


Publisher Direct Option

If you would like the ILL Department to purchase a copy of your journal article directly from a publisher, you may do so for an addtional fee. This option would be ideal for patrons needing the clearest available pictures in his/her articles such as pictures of molecules, cells, etc. 

Cost: $5 (usually 3-10 business days)

Please note: Fees can be higher if an article costs more than the $25 that the library subsidizes for publisher direct documents. The library cannot guarantee that we will be able to get a publisher’s copy. If either of these circumstances occurs, we would contact you to decide how to proceed.


Non-Stevens Dissertation Request

Dissertations written by students at other universities may only be purchased through the Document Delivery Services.


$12 for each dissertation (TAT from 3 days up to 2 weeks depending on if the dissertaion is avialable for instant download or if the company has to ship the document to us) 

It will cost an extra $3 if you need it mailed to you off campus. Please allow 10 business days for delivery of your request.


Please use the Online Article Request Form and include all information such as title of the work, author, year, and school. You must use a separate form for each request.  If you are unable to use the online version please use the paper form

If using the printed form you many staple a printout of the complete citation to the request form. You can search for and locate records for many dissertations and theses using the FirstSearch – Dissertations database. Submit the form and the $12.00 fee to the Circulation Desk.

Click Below to Order Documents
doc form
pdf form


Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services

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Laptop Lending!

The Samuel C. Williams Library is proud to announce that we now have laptops to lend. Read our policy below and and fill out a Laptop Loan Agreement when you want one and you're on your way to success!


• Only current faculty, staff and students may check out Laptops. Patrons must have a valid library account in good standing and must read, agree to, and sign the Laptop Loan Agreement.

• The Laptop Loan Agreement must be read and signed each time a Laptop is borrowed. Only one Laptop can be checked out per person. Under no circumstances will a user be allowed to check out a Laptop for another person.

Loan Period

• Laptops can be checked out from the Samuel C. WIlliams circulation desk during regular operating hours. The loan period is 4 hours within the library for students and staff, and 4 hours with the option to take out of the library for faculty.

• Laptops are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The Samuel C. Williams Library cannot guarantee that a Laptop will be available. Laptops can be renewed only if there is no one waiting for a Laptop. Borrowers must check at the desk to at the end of their loan period to see if they can renew.

• All Laptops must be returned to the Library circulation desk during regular operating hours.

Fines and Damages

• A $5.00 late fee per hour (not to exceed $25 per day) will be assessed if the Laptop is returned past its due time. Fines will be recorded on the borrower's library record and may result in borrowing and registration restrictions.

• The working condition of the Laptop will be assessed before checkout and upon its return. Users are responsible for damage to and/or loss or theft of loaned units. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the Laptop during their borrowing period.

• The replacement cost for a lost, stolen, or damaged Laptop is $350. A charge of $20.00 will be assessed for each lost power cord and adapter. Damage charges will be assessed based on the actual repair costs. If a Laptop is 3 days overdue, it is considered lost or stolen, and the borrower will be charged for its replacement.


• Laptops available for checkout have 16gb of storage and are equipped with WiFi. Laptops come with preloaded sample files and applications, but users may sync additional data and applications, with the understanding that all data will be wiped and replaced with the standard preloaded files and apps when the Laptop is returned to the Samuel C. Williams Library. Any additional apps or media purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower's own funds, and are not the responsibility of the Library. Any data or documents saved to the Laptop by the patron during the loan period will be permanently erased during the restore process.



Librarians create tutorial videos for use by the Stevens community and make them available through the S.C. Williams Library's YouTube Channel or Stevens on iTunesU

Tour the Library Website!


Tour the Library Website! A quick tour of the library's new web site!

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Getting Started with Your Research Module 1


Getting Started with Your Research Module 1:  Begins your research journey by describing the processes of brainstorming, selecting your topic, and finding background information.

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Getting Started with Your Research Module 2


Getting Started with Your Research Module 2:  Continues your research journey by describing how to focus your research, developing a research question, and finding information.

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Getting Started with Your Research Module 3


Getting Started with Your Research Module 3:  Your research journey concludes with Module 3 by discussing how to evaluate, cite and share your sources.

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Avoiding Plagiarism


Avoiding Plagiarism: This video defines plagiarism, provides examples of plagiarism, addresses the possible consequences of plagiarism, and suggests ways you can improve your writing & research to avoid plagiarism.

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Open House

Come and meet the staff of the Samuel C. Williams Library and learn about your library’s services and research tools!


  • Get a tour of the Leonardo da Vinci and F.W. Taylor Special Collections rooms (at 11:30 & 12:30)

  • Tour the library for a look at study space and the stacks

  • Learn more about ebooks, research databases, and the textbook reserve collection  

  • Library staff will be available to answer your questions

Coffee, tea, and cookies will be available for a midday snack.


All members of the Stevens community are welcome to stop by.  We look forward to seeing you there!