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FALL 2014

A buffer helps project managers improve value

As a greater number of project managers are forced to do more with less, the time-honored strategy of throwing all available resources at each new job that comes in makes sense. Unfortunately, it's also not working. Researchers at the Howe School of Technology Management have discovered managers are better off creating a buffer of available resources that can be deployed when the unexpected happens, to avoid overstraining one project to the detriment of the rest of the portfolio. Full story>>


Team norms have limited impact in multi-project scenarios

Rather than team culture, it's the competencies of the leader and the organizational culture that determine the success of projects when there's a large, diverse portfolio at hand. Full story>>


An IDEA to help organizations prioritize innovation

A U.S. Army research and engineering center realized how important it was to nurture innovation and inventions from within, to ensure it's able to do the most work with the fewest dollars. Full story>>

Other highlights in this issue

Alliance Director Larry Gastwirt showcases the unconventional thinking that's come about as a result of recent research in his director's note. ... IBM executives share a method the company has used to encourage innovation among its employees. ... Alliance meetings have helped keep members ahead of the curve in a number of areas related to technology innovation. ... A new Howe School of Technology Management MBA program allows member companies to bring a team of students to the boardroom to solve a pressing problem.

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