How can companies benefit from affiliation with the Alliance?

The Alliance brings new tools and fresh approaches to the more effective management and utilization of technology. Most importantly, it facilitates the sharing of learnings and best practices among its sponsors.

Partner Benefits: Howe School Alliance for Technology Management

The Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM) has two categories of membership, Partner and Sponsoring Partner.  Benefits accruing to Partners and Sponsoring Partners are listed below.

"...A lot of companies struggle with the same common goals..."

Jack Emert, Infineum

  • Roundtables 
    These intimate forums facilitate the interchange of information on timely issues, chosen by Alliance Partners, relating to the more effective management and utilization of technology.
  • Annual Conferences
    These one-day conferences bring together world-renowned researchers and practitioners to present and debate their ideas on specific areas within the broad umbrella of technology management. 
  • Direct Links to Stevens Faculty
    Alliance Partners are invited to periodic meetings at which they hear presentations from faculty doing leading applied research in areas such as technology strategy, project management, new product development, process and service innovation, technology commercialization, and many others.  The Alliance also provides a bridge to faculty of the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science and the School of Systems and Enterprises.  Partners can request advice and guidance from faculty in areas of mutual interest or referral to a recognized expert in the field.  Partners also have access to working papers and journal articles written by Howe School faculty members. 
  • Influence Faculty Research Topics
    A portion of Partner contributions is used to provide seed funding grants for faculty research projects.  Partners vote on the selection of projects for funding and get to hear periodic reports on research results.  In addition, the Howe School Alliance provides an opportunity for Partners to collaborate with Howe School faculty members on research projects in areas of mutual interest.
  • Annual Advisory Board Meetings
    Alliance Partners are represented on the HSATM Advisory Board.  At the annual Board meetings, Partners provide inputs on the research programs of the Howe School and help decide the coming year’s agenda for the Howe School Alliance program -- topics for the Roundtable meetings, the annual Conference, and other activities that will maximize benefits to their organizations.
  • Publications
    The Howe School Alliance journal, KNOWHOWE: New Thinking for Management (formerly titled Current Issues in Technology Management), provides overviews of current research and practice in areas that impact the management and utilization of technology.  Over 40 issues have been published since 1997.
  • Access to Special Workshops, Symposia and Short Courses
    As topics are identified where more in-depth treatment is desired, or where exposure of a larger group of Partner employees to a specific topic is wanted, the Howe School Alliance delivers special workshops and symposia at a nominal fee.  A variety of short courses are also available through Howe School faculty. 
  • Periodic Seminars
    The Babbio Center — home to the Howe School of Technology Management — provides an inspiring setting for stimulating talks by international experts in all areas of technology management and innovation.  A social hour allows representatives of Alliance Partners to exchange ideas with the speaker and with one another.
  • Student Internship Program
    Howe School Alliance Partners have access to undergraduate and graduate students seeking summer internships and full time employment. 
  • Executive Speaker Program
    Executives from Alliance Partners are invited to serve as guest speakers in Howe School courses and evening seminars.
  • Access to a Network of People in Other Organizations
    The Howe School Alliance provides Partners many opportunities to exchange ideas in a collegial environment with a diverse network of people dealing with similar issues.
  • Public Relations Value
    Partner organization names are displayed in Alliance publications and on the Alliance website.


Below is a list of testimonials from HSTAM partners.

Sponsoring Partner Benefits

Organizations willing to make a larger annual contribution to the Howe School participate in the Alliance at the Sponsoring Partner level.  Sponsoring Partners receive all the benefits of Howe School Partners, plus the following:

  • Sponsoring Partner organizations have the opportunity to have their names associated with sponsorship of specific HSATM activities, such as the annual conference and the HSATM publication.
  • Sponsoring Partner organizations have access to the Alliance Director, the Director of Management Technology Transfer, and Howe School faculty for telephone questions and advice.
  • Sponsoring Partner organizations may book the Babbio Center, subject to availability, for their private use.  With its magnificent views of the New York skyline, this venue provides the perfect setting for an inspirational corporate event.
  • Reduced rates are offered to Sponsoring Partner employees for enrollment in special workshops and symposia.

Further Information

Through its educational programs, its research, and its transfer of best management practices, the Howe School Alliance for Technology Management has helped numerous organizations and has contributed to the professional development of several thousand people over the past two decades.  It continues to introduce and disseminate new thinking about the practical application of knowledge and its management.  For further information, please contact the HSATM director, Dr. Lawrence Gastwirt (212-794-3637, .