Leadership Development for Technical Professionals and Organizations

Training Solutions Developed by Experts in Technical Leadership

At Howe, we have helped thousands of technical professionals ensure that their expertise is brought to bear on important business decisions by expanding their abilities to:

Work across functional boundaries
Navigate uncertainty
Leverage complexity
Build teams

Effective leadership development demands participation—you learn how to lead by experience, by directly engaging in problem solving, by experimenting and assessing. We give you a visceral approach to leadership, one that focuses not only on action, but on a high degree of directed searching and reflection.              —Peter Dominick 

Self-aware, collaborative, and agile leaders grow their leadership expertise through experiential learning. Our approach focuses on developing leadership in each individual through the practice and assessment of technical leadership concepts in a real-world context.

Flexible Learning Options

Whether you’re an individual technical professional or an organization, Howe offers a training solution that will let you choose where to grow next.

  • Experience a learning module with people from other companies on the Stevens campus.
  • Bring a module or group of modules to leaders in your organization.
  • Work with our faculty to develop a custom program that addresses your unique personnel, cultural, and business objectives.
Technical Leadership Skills  

Which skills are your strengths? Which do you want to develop futher?

  • Self-awareness and accountability in a fluid working environment
  • Technical collaboration: ideation, and constructive conflict
  • Analytical and creative problem solving for the technical professional
  • Coaching for growth in the technical environment
  • Using stories to build effective cultures
  • Improvisation for innovation
  • Influencing without authority
  • Making decisions under uncertainty
  • Leading others in complex, ambiguous projects
  • Team-building skills in fast-changing, short-term groups