EMBA-TM Extension Program

"I feel that if you are in the field of technology or engineering, the Stevens [MBA] program is in fact the superior program".

Marcelo Schnettler
Director of Global E-Business
Westcon Group
EMTM 13 - Class of 2006


Graduates of the EMTM program are automatically admitted to the EMBA-TM program.

The number of courses required for your MBA degree will depend on the year that you graduated from the EMTM program. Students who graduated in 2002 (EMTM 9) and beyond only require an additional five courses for their MBA-TM degree. If you graduated prior to 2002  (EMTM 1-8) you will need an additional one to three courses (electives) depending on the number of credits associated with your degree.

GMAT Waiver Regulations

As a general policy, the Howe School of Technology Management requires a GMAT of all applicants for the MBA degree. However, the Howe School will consider requests for GMAT waivers from candidates for the EMBA program only. Candidates who may request a GMAT waiver are:

  1. Those holding an undergraduate degree in a technical discipline, such as engineering , science, computer science, or equivalent technical discipline and who hold a (Executive) Masters of Technology Management degree (EMTM, MTM or MsMoT) from Stevens Institute of Technology.
  2. Candidates who hold an (Executive) Masters of Technology Management degree (EMTM, MTM or MsMoT) from Stevens Institute of Technology, and can substantiate to the Admissions Committee through written documentation that the combination of their academic and professional experience makes them highly prepared for success in the MBA program.

MBA-TM Option

Applicants who elect the GMAT waiver willl receive the degree entitled Executive Master of Business Administration in Technology Management (EMBA-TM).

If you have taken (or intend to take) the GMAT, and attained a score > 500, you will be eligible to receive the degree entitled Master of Business Administration in Technology Management (MBA-TM) .

Dual Degree Option

Once you have completed the requirements for the (E)MBA in Technology Management degree, the Registrar will replace your (E)MTM degree in your transcript with the (E)MBA in TM degree. Stevens does have an option that enables you to get your (E)MBA degree and retain your (E)MTM degree. Known as the Dual Degree option, it requires students take an additional four [4] courses beyond the (E)MBA. Those courses are elective within the techno-management domain giving you considerable freedom to choose courses that are of specific interest to you.