Graduate Programs

Business success in the 21st century is increasingly dependent on the strategic development and use of technology. This is a complex challenge since the solutions to many business problems rely on the convergence of a number of technologies and their proper alignment with customer requirements and business strategy. The educational and research programs of the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management focus on this intersection of business and technology. Our educational programs are aimed at:

  • Technology professionals wishing to acquire communication, business knowledge and management skills.
  • Business professionals wishing to learn about technology and the management of technology.

The Howe School offers the following Masters degree programs:

ProgramsCurriculum SheetBrochure
Master of Business Administration
(MBA, Flex-MBA, MBA for Experienced Professionals, and MS-MBA dual degree)
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Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) Download Download
Master of Science in Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Download Download
Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)Download Download
Master of Science in Management (MSM)Download  
Master of Science in Telecommunications Management (TELECOM)Download  
Master of Science Technology Management for Experienced Professionals (MSTM)Download  

Educational Approach

The Howe School’s graduate programs are designed to maximize the management potential of each student. A 3-course, Howe School “Career Option” allows Master of Science and MBA students to specialize in a number of areas ranging from soft skills development (technology leadership) to technical specialties such as Advanced Technologies and Business Intelligence and Analytics. Students may also choose electives from other schools at Stevens.

Howe School faculty members are leaders in research and education in the business and technical disciplines that are relevant to decision making, innovation and action in an increasingly global, technology-driven world. Our educational programs provide students with knowledge that is both rigorous and relevant. Of equal importance, our programs emphasize the holistic development of each individual student through the development of life-long skills and abilities such as oral and written communication skills, team participation and leadership, and ethical reasoning.