"The MSTM program experiences were incredibly relevant to the real world. They provided the foundation to build a business with knowledge and confidence".

Seth Tropper
Founder and Chief Operating Officer



Curriculum Details

The courses comprising the MSTM/EMBA Program are grouped into six broad subject areas

  • Strategic Issues
  • Teaming, Leadership & People Management  
  • Operations Management
  • Innovation Process & New Product/Business Development 
  • Functional Business Management
  • Integrated Business Simulation 

These distinct knowledge areas are linked together by common educational threads resulting in a comprehensive, integrated learning experience. The schedule of courses in the MSTM program and its EMBA extension are as follows. Changes in the schedule may be required in any given year to accommodate individual faculty schedules.


Title of Course


Fall Year 1 
3.0EMT 677 Emerging TechnologiesSavitz
3.0EMT 740 Team Leadership Development in TechnicalDominick
Spring Year 1 
4.0EMT 624 Financial Analysis for Technological OrganizationsGinsberg
1.0*EMT 628 Financial Analysis RampGinsberg
4.0EMT 715 Strategic Business ManagementMerino
Summer Year 1
3.0EMT 751 Project Management and LeadershipBayney
3.0EMT 623 Financial ManagementMerino
Fall Year 2
4.0EMT 642 Marketing Management in Technological OrganizationsLynn
4.0EMT 714 Technology StrategyBowden
Spring 1 Year 2
4.0EMT 630 Global Business MarketsParfett
3.0EMT 752 Corporate EntrepreneuringKoen
2.0EMT 758 Oral and Written Communication CompetencyStein
Spring 2 Year 2 (includes 3 Friday evenings)
6.0EMT 798 Integration and Application of Technology MgmtGinsberg / Bowden / Dominick
EMBA Extension Program
Summer Year 1
3.0EMT 607  Economics for Managers Panayides 
Fall Year 1
3.0EMT 638 Corporate FinanceGougounis
3.0EMT 810 Leading Creative CollaborationPam Burke
Spring Year1
3.0EMT 675 New Product & Service InnovationSavitz
3.0EMT 635 Managerial Judgment and Decision-MakingSmither
* Not for Credit