"Given its reputation for engineering and technology, studying technology management at Stevens seemed like a foregone conclusion. Having compared the Stevens MSTM program against similar programs at other schools , the Stevens program offered more in terms of accessibility, instructor reputation, and breadth of study".

Matthew Gilvey
Vice President
MSTM 10 - Class of 2002



The MSTM/EMBA program has many unique advantages that distinguish it from other programs of this type. These include:

  • Outstanding faculty. Many of our faculty have strong executive management backgrounds in technology-based companies enabling a powerful blend of academic and real-world corporate experience.

  • Program not directed towards management of any one particular technology. Businesses share many common characteristics and associated managerial issues that are independent of the nature of the firm's technology. The interaction among students from different industries thus affords a perspective across a broad range of technologies, which adds value to the students' educational experience.

  • Strong customer focus. The program, which has graduated over 600 students since its inception in 1993, has benefited from the continual input and guidance of members of the Stevens Alliance for Technology Management (SATM), which consists of a number of prominent, technology-intensive, New Jersey-based organizations. This customer-driven approach ensures alignment between the academic and practical content of the program, and the demands of today's complex, globally-oriented organizations. Current SATM sponsors include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, ISO, ARDEC, CECOM and Unilever/BestFoods.

  • Educational threads interweaved across the program encompassing innovation, leadership, business simulation and oral and written communications.

  • Visiting Committee consisting of representatives of current sponsors and selected participating companies ensuring the program continues to meet the needs of its customers.

  • Active Alumni Association that provides on-going opportunities for networking.