Technology Management Program

The Technology Management program for Experienced Professionals has a number of unique design features and advantages that distinguish it from other programs of this type.

The core of the program is the nationally recognized Master of Technology Management for Experienced Professionals (MSTM). This award winning, lock-step program provides you with the fundamental skills and tools required to manage effectively at the interface of technology and business. The program was developed under the auspices of the Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM) which involved a number of prominent New Jersey-based companies. Students graduate from the MSTM program with a Master of Science in Technology Management degree.

Following completion of the courses compising the MSTM program, students can elect to bypass the MS degree and continue their studies towards an MBA degree in the four-course EMBA Extension Program for a total of 48 credits. The four courses complement the skills developed in the MSTM program, broadening competence in functional business management,such as economics and finance, as well as other disciplines, such as managerial decision making.

Details of these programs are summarized in the following table:


Both programs are designed for experienced professionals wishing to move to a broader role in technology and business management.
The EMBA extension program encompasses the MSTM curriculum, augmenting it with additional courses that enhance skills in business management.

Part-time students. 36-credits 
Degree Conferred: Master of Science in Technology Management
Undergraduate degree in a relevant technical discipline (or equivalent), plus at least 5 years of work experience, preferably in a technology-oriented business or organization. Management experience is preferred but is not a requirement

Experienced Professional MBA (EMBA)
Part-time students. 48-credits (Leverages the 36 credits comprising the MSTM program).
Degree Conferred: Master of Business Administration