Program Overview

"During the EMTM program, I was exposed to the business practices and strategies employed by other industries, which I learned in many cases could be applied to  my industry.  I was able to learn not only from case studies presented in the course work and from professors, but also from my classmates as well. This exposure to different ideas was extremely important in my development and allowed me to be more strategic in my thinking."


Christine Ann Miller
Associate Director, R&D Operations Planning 
Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EMTM 14 (Class of 2007)

The 21-month EMTM program is the flagship management program at Stevens for experienced professionals, providing a combination of business and technology management skills that prepare you for leadership in the rapidly evolving technology sector. The program has many unique advantages that distinguish it from other programs of this type.


The EMBA extension program complements the skills acquired in the EMTM program with additional courses that strengthen competency in business management disciplines.  Students have the option of continuing in the EMBA extension program at the conclusion of their EMTM courses towards the MBA in Technology Management degree.


Note: The extension program is also open to previous EMTM graduates. [More information]

Value Proposition
The EMTM/EMBA program is designed for experienced professionals having more than five(5) years of work experience who wish to move to a broader role in technology and business management. Leveraging Stevens' 
strong reputation in engineering, science and management, the program provides you with the skills, knowledge and leadership capability to manage both business AND technology effectively enabling you to

  • Leverage technology and know-how to achieve competitive advantage
  • Understand and exploit rapidly changing technology
  • Utilize technology to provide business solutions to business problems
  • Position technology effectively to enhance core business
  • Lead within and across organizations 

The nationally recognized, 
award winning EMTM program combines courses in technology and business management in a career-enhancing, integrated educational experience. The curriculum delivers a unique combination of academic knowledge and hands on application enabling you to immediately implement classroom principles in the work place.

The EMBA-TM program curriculum consists of the same courses that comprise the EMTM program, but includes an additional five courses designed to  broaden and strengthen competence in functional business management. Students normally enroll first in the EMTM program, followed by the five-course extension program leading to the MBA-TM degree.

Designed for Working Professionals
As a working professional, we know you want to enhance your skills without disrupting your career. That is why the instructor-led, EMTM/EMBA program takes place at the weekends on alternate Saturdays.Classes are held in the Babbio Center for Technology Management on the Stevens Campus in Hoboken. This option means no disruption of your weekday work schedule while leaving time for personal commitments on alternate weekends.

Collaborative learning and lifelong connections
In addition to the coursework, students learn from the collective knowledge of fellow students who have five to over twenty years of work experience and represent a range of organizations and job functions. The team-oriented environment provides intellectual stimulation and mutual support. The connections you will make in the classroom, and as part of the 
alumni community will result in a strong professional network after graduation.

Client Support
Balancing job, school and family can be daunting. To support your success in the program, we provide you with dedicated administrative support and specialized 
services so you can focus totally on learning.

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