Experienced Professionals

"The classroom interactions with other working professionals enhanced my skills to work effectively, think differently, and collaborate on ideas as one would experience in any business environment."


Marshall Shah
Product Marketing Management, Princeton Softtech and 
Managing Principal , Shah Management & Company LLC 


We define an experienced professional as one having a minimum of 5 years work experience in a technology-related field or business. Management experience is desired, but it is not a requirement.


We recognize the demands on your professional and personal time, and have responded with an innovative program design that maximizes learning without compromising the learning experience, yet is respectful of the external demands facing today's working professionals, which must take precedence. Specific attributes include:

Convenient Location & Schedule

The Program format is designed for working professionals. You maintain your full-time job while attending classes on alternate Saturdays on the Stevens campus. The weekend format takes no time away from your work week and does not interfere with work-related travel.  

Class meets from 8:30 AM to 5.15 PM, with continental breakfast and lunch provided.  

Cohort Structure

You will find yourself in a cohort of working professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries. The cohort model enables participants to get to know each other, and when coupled with the 5-yr work experience required for admission, ensures an environment that permits deeper exploration of knowledge development that might otherwise be possible in a less structured program. It allows development of an integrated curriculum designed to broaden your knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques in technology and functional business management, which can be applied to your immediate working environment.

Networking Opportunities

Participants benefit from an environment of shared experience, not only within the classroom, but beyond as well. Graduates join a network of over 1000 alumni offering networking opportunities with other graduates, as well as opportunities for further educational and professional development.