EMBA Extension Program

 "I feel that if you are in the field of technology or engineering, the Stevens [MBA] program is in fact the superior program". 

 Marcelo Schnettler
 Director of Global E-Business
 Westcon Group
 EMTM 13 

Graduates of the MSTM program (or prior EMTM program), or those completing the courses  comprising the Master's degree are automatically admitted to the EMBA extension program.


Those bypassing the MS degree and continuing to the MBA program take an additional four courses. For those who graduated prior to Fall 2015 the number of courses required for the MBA degree will depend on the year that you completed your Master's program. Students who graduated from the Master's program in 2002 (EMTM 9) through 2013 (EMTM 22)  require an additional five courses for their MBA degree. If you graduated  prior to 2002 ((E)MTM 1-8), you will need an additional one to three courses (electives) depending on the number of credits associated with your Master's degree.

GMAT Waiver Policy

The Howe School of Technology Management requires a GMAT of all applicants for the MBA degree. However, the  School waives the GMAT requirement for applicants posessing a Master's degree and 5+ years of work experience.  


Applicants who proceed to the EMBA extension program but do not possess a Master's degree, willl receive the degree entitled Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).  Students falling into this category do have the option of taking the GMAT (must attain a score >500) and graduating with the Master of Business Administration degree.


Dual Degree Option

Students who attain 60 credits will be entitled to receive both the Master's and MBA degrees in what we refer to as the Dual Degree Option. Note: The number of credits corresponding to the dual degree for  those graduating from the Master's program before Fall 2014  lies between 58 and 60.