Master of Business Administration (Flex MBA)




MBA flyer The Howe School of Technology Management’s 48-credit, Flex MBA is for professionals who wish to further their career but want to continue working while earning their MBA degree. Students can begin the Flex MBA at any time: in the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

This program is an ideal option for those seeking flexibility in pursuing their degree.  Courses may be taken on-campus, or on-line via Stevens' award-winning WebCampus platform. You can complete the program full-time in 18 months, or part-time in three years or less depending on your academic background. Two years of work experience are desired.

The program employs innovative pedagogical techniques and small class sizes enabling you to rapidly assimilate the knowledge you need to move your career forward. You will work with faculty who are thought leaders in their area; you will learn from faculty who were industry leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and daily practitioners of the skills they now teach.

Incorporating a technology-centric approach with skills development along the core Four C ’s, the Howe School of Technology Management's Flex MBA program is designed to help you succeed in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environments. You will graduate with an understanding of how those skills contribute to excellence at the intersection of business and technology. More importantly, through coursework and other learning experiences, you will learn to apply your new skills to solve real-world problems and challenges.

You’ll find the 4C ’s embedded throughout your Stevens MBA experience. They will be stressed through the topics you study so that you can grasp their implications for business and technology. You will be challenged to apply them to complete course assignments and master new concepts and material.


Critical Thinking

Your Stevens MBA experience will enhance how you absorb, analyze and integrate information to solve problems. You’ll be introduced to tools and techniques to help you evaluate possibilities and risks to make more fully informed decisions for yourself and your organization.


No matter how technically complex our work becomes organizational life will always be about getting things done with, through, and for other people. You’ll learn how to leverage conflict to build relationships, lead teams, and develop others in the pursuit of common goals.


You’ll hone your ability to convey important ideas and information in ways that ensure understanding and inspire others to act. You’ll develop and receive regular feedback on all facets of what it means to communicate effectively – speaking and presenting, writing, listening, and coaching.


Your capacity to imagine new possibilities and transform them into realities is essential in today’s ever-changing business environment. Learn how to develop your creative capability and how it can be applied to almost every aspect of business - from leading, to marketing, to operations, to strategy and more.


Today’s globally competitive business world requires vast technology know-how to operate successfully in all parts of an organization. Technology impacts the pace of change today faster than ever before. Throughout our program you will benefit from courses, cases, and speakers around new technologies and innovations. Our research-active faculty members will provide you with valuable insight in a multitude of areas, such as innovation and creativity, leadership, project management, marketing, social media, big data, finance, operations and supply chain management



Students are able to customize their degree by selecting one of six concentrations.

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Project Management


The MBA is a 48-credit degree program which comprises 16 courses. The program also offers the option for students to pursue a dual MS-MBA degree.

The Flex MBA program has four components:
  1. Business Core - Foundation (8 courses)
  2. Breadth (3 courses)
  3. Capstone (1 course)
  4. Concentrations (4 courses)
  • MGT 600 Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 606 Economics for Managers
  • MGT 612 Leading People & Projects
  • MGT 620 Statistical Models*
  • MGT 623 Financial Management
  • MGT 630 Global Business & Markets*
  • MGT 641 Marketing Management
  • MGT 657 Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • MGT 699 Strategic Management

* Select one (Note: MGT 620 is a required course for students taking a concentration in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Finance, Marketing and Project Management)

  • MGT 635 Managerial Judgement & Decision Making
  • MGT 663 Discovering & Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • MGT 671 Technology & Innovation Management


  • MGT 798 Integration & Application of Technology Management**
  • MGT 810 Field Consulting Project (full-time student option)**

** Select one (Note: The Field Consulting Project is subject to availability and is open to full-time students only)


  • 4 Courses









Click here for an Excel spreadsheet summarizing the concentrations in the MBA program and their associated courses.
* Concentrations are not noted on the diploma, but many students choose to specify an area of focus on their resume.