Academic Advising

Advising is an important part of the academic experience at Stevens. Students are assigned a faculty academic advisor upon admission to the program whose name and contact information is included in the admission packet that is sent to students from Graduate Admissions. Faculty academic advisors provide students practical information on their program curriculum and the administrative aspects of class selection and registration. They offer advice about how to navigate the various administrative offices at Stevens and the complexities of policies and procedures.

Students are urged to take full advantage of the advising opportunities made available by arranging for visits or calls with their advisor. New students should meet with their advisor as soon as is practical to finalize their studyplan which must be signed by the advisor and forwarded to the Registrar. Your advisor will aid you in designing a graduate study plan to meet your unique professional needs, and ensure that all degree requirements are met prior to graduation.

Note: Students who have not submitted a study plan by the end of their first semester in the program will have an academic hold placed on their account.

Please see below for a list of current faculty advisors arranged by area of concentration:

Students Admitted After 1/1/2012 (3-6-3 Study Plans)
ConcentrationsLast Name (Initial)Primary Advisore-Mail Address
Finance [FINA]A – ZEleni
Global Business[MGLB]A – ZMichael
Innovation & Entrepreneurship [MIET]A – ZThomas
Management [MGMT]A – LPat
Pharmaceutical Management [PMTC]A – ZChris
Project Management [PRMG]A – ZTal
Technology Leadership [MTEL]A – ZPeter
Other Howe Program ConcentrationsLast Name (Initial)Supporting Advisore-Mail Address
TelecomA – ZKevin
Options Within Other Schools at StevensLast Name (Initial)Supporting Advisore-Mail Address
All OthersA – Z  
Students Admitted Prior to Spring 2012 (Old Study Plans)
ConcentrationsLast Name (Initial)Primary Advisore-Mail Address
General Management [MGMT]A – ZPat
 M – ZGary
Technology Management [TCMG]A –
Project Management [PRMG]A – ZTal

MBA, MSTM, Management Programs:


Kal Vadasz, Program Director (EMTM and Corporate)

Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management
Babbio Center, 4th Floor
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on the Hudson
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030