3-6-3 Curriculum


To respond to the changing needs of our students and industry, the Howe School is launching a new curriculum structure, coined “3-6-3” for its Master of Science degree programs.

The new structure is truly transformational and is designed to enable you to “define your own to destiny” by providing flexibility, convenience, and specialized educational electives (career options or concentrations), that will allow you to tailor your degree to better align with your individual career goals.

The new structure follows this 3-6-3 format:

  • 3 required business core courses
  • 6 required courses in the MS degree area
  • 3 electives (career options or concentration areas).

The final three courses provide in-depth knowledge to prepare you for your chosen career. These courses may be taken as a concentration in your chosen degree, in an industry of your choice, or in an areas such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Advanced Technologies, Global Business, or Technology Leadership. You also have the flexibility to take courses in other disciplines throughout the University.


The modular “3-6-3″ curriculum design for our masters degrees provides a broad range of career-oriented concentrations for students and facilitates a rapid response to changing industry needs. Master of Science programs will implement the new 3-6-3 structure (with the exception of BI&A, MBA, EMTM these programs will follow a slightly different structure).

The new Howe School Graduate Curriculum:

  1. Aligns the Howe School’s research and educational programs with industry needs.
  2. Provides a flexible educational environment that allows students to design programs of study that satisfy their individual career goals.
  3. Offers students a more diversified experience.
  4. Offers a new Finance major in the MBA program.
  5. Introduces entirely new areas of study such as:
  • Technology Leadership
  • Social Networks
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A)
  • Advanced Technologies

Below are the Graduate Master Degree Programs that Howe offers:

  • Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics (MS) – Click here to find out more about the program
  • Master of Science in Enterprise Project Management (MS)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)
  • Master of Science in Management (MSM)
  • Master of Science in Telecommunications Management (TELECOM)
  • Master of Technology Management for Experience Professionals (EMTM)
  • MBA in Technology Management (Flex-MBA, EMBA – Experienced Professional MBA are also offered. MS-MBA, dual degree option


Each 12-course (36 credit) MS degree program will have the following structure:

  • Business Core (3 courses)
  • Degree Requirement (6 courses)
  • Concentration or Career Option (3 courses)

(With the exception of MBA, BI&A and EMTM programs)

Business Core

Business success is increasingly dependent on the strategic development, management, and use of technology. Therefore, as a business school it is essential that our students leave our program with a solid and foundational understanding of business management. The curriculum developed for the degrees and programs within the Howe school are built upon a foundation based on a commitment to quality teaching that requires rigor and a thorough exploration of the application of business and technology knowledge in an ever-changing business environment.

Therefore all students must complete 3 business cores as part of their studies, which include:

  • MGT 609: Introduction to Project Management
  • MGT 689: Organization Behavior & Design
  • MGT 615: Financial Decision Making
Degree Requirements

All students must satisfy the 6 course degree requirements for their respective degree programs. In some instances courses may be substituted with the approval a faculty advisor or Program Director.

Career Options

After taking the core business courses and satisfying the requirements for their chosen degree, students can design a program to fit their  career by taking an additional nine credits in any of the following ways:

  • A three-course “concentration” in their chosen degree.
  • Three approved courses offered by another school within Stevens.
  • Three courses providing in-depth knowledge in an industry (e.g., finance or the pharmaceutical industry.)
  • Three “Career Option” courses in an area such as global business, technology leadership, business intelligence or social networks.
  • Any three elective courses, possibly including a master’s thesis or project.


The Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology is proud to announce changes to its graduate curriculum, which are designed to streamline the School’s course requirements, increase its interdisciplinary focus, and provide a path to greater business and technology breadth.

What This Means for Current Students

Current students who are currently on a path to graduate in any of the existing majors may simply stay on that path and will graduate on time. Current students also have the option to transition into one of the new revised curriculum options. Please see your faculty adviser or Program Director for additional information.

What This Means for Incoming Students

All students must satisfy the 6 course degree requirements for their respective degree programs. In some instances courses may be substituted with the approval a faculty advisor or Program Director.

Career Options

The new graduate curriculum is available to students who enter into a graduate program during or after Fall Semester 2011. The innovative modular “3-6-3 structure” for the Howe School Master of Science degree programs increases efficiency and flexibility with even more choices for our students. Additionally it enables Stevens to be more responsive to changing technology and industry demand.