Investment Strategies

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BT 418

BT321   The investment strategies course will focus on the different fundamental approaches and tactics used by leading investors to achieve their financial goals by: 1) Targeted readings and class room discussions of investment styles, including momentum, growth, income, distressed, asset allocation, and vulture investing, to name just a few; 2) Participating in a real-time market simulation game in which each student (or teams of students) will learn how to create viable portfolios of stocks, bonds and other investments; while tracking their performance against the overall market and the class on a weekly basis throughout the course.   This course will teach the practical side of investing how to set investment objectives; determining which investment styles will help meet these objectives; as well as the tactical side of how to buy and sell individual securities and protect gains or hedge risks.  Students will be required to sign-up for the STOCKTRAC simulation program that allows virtual buying and selling securities just like professional investors without the expense and/or risk of actual trading.  No prior trading experience or finance courses will be required.  Students will develop portfolios and report during the semester on their progress.  A final portfolio analysis report will be required at the end of the semester.

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