Howe Advantage

“Business and technology have fused into one system, one conversation, and one strategy, for one world. This is central to understanding the New Future.” [Institute for Global Futures, Top Ten Trends]

The intersection of business and technology has always been at the heart of the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management, and today that focus is more relevant than ever.  The Howe School of Technology Management offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in such in-demand fields as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Information Systems, Quantitative Finance, Marketing, and Business & Technology, as well as a robust MBA program and a complement of certificates in a variety of business and technology specialties. Students graduate from Howe prepared to be transformational leaders in high-demand fields where expertise in business, technology and management are crucial to success.

By leveraging Stevens’ strengths in entrepreneurship and technology innovation, the Howe School of Technology Management grounds students in critical thinking, and teaches them to perform in highly technological and global environments. The interdisciplinary curriculum stresses teamwork, entrepreneurship and relevant solutions to real-world problems, and prepares future business leaders to achieve, lead and succeed in today's changing technological environments.

The interdisciplinary educational approach and research-based teaching of the Howe School not only enables teaching in the functional areas of business, but also exposes students to new and emerging domains — issues like Big Data analytics, enterprise project management, quantitative finance, social network marketing, management of innovation and change, technology entrepreneurship and commercialization, network and data analysis, advanced technologies in business, and managing the extended value chain. 

The school’s location in Hoboken, NJ, puts it a short subway ride away from New York City, the epicenter of the business world. Our proximity to Manhattan creates a natural setting for exploring synergies between business, management and technology. Our students have access to Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of technology, consulting, media, retail and financial services. Many of these companies recruit on campus and hire our students for internships or full-time employment.  

The Howe Advantage

Top faculty:  Howe faculty blend a mix of academic accomplishment with practical experience as industry leaders at Fortune 500 companies and in government agencies. This perspective ensures coursework is immediately applicable in the workplace. 

Small class sizes: Faculty mentorship and collaboration with fellow students are hallmarks of a Howe School education. Students learn how to develop practice-oriented solutions to complex business problems through close interaction with experienced faculty, and hone teamwork and presentation skills through extensive group project work.

Cutting-edge research: Faculty at the Howe School of Technology Management do research in the areas that matter most to industry — data analytics, decision technologies, social media, business process innovation, quantitative finance, operations management, information systems and technology management, among others — and they bring this learning to the classroom. That puts students in high demand among employers who need these skills sets.

Relevance: The curriculum developed for the degrees and programs at the Howe School are built upon a foundation of quality teaching that requires rigor and a thorough exploration of the application of technology management knowledge in an ever-changing business environment. Our close ties to industry shape courses to reflect future challenges in the workplace, so students can hit the ground running after earning their degrees or certificates.

Location: Our proximity to New York City allows us to form partnerships with Fortune 500 companies that create value-added opportunities for our students for internships, practicums, invited lectures and employment opportunities. Top companies in finance, accounting, technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, energy and defense recruit students at our campus.

What they say about Howe

“All of our classes are very project based, very hands-on, so we’ve kind of been able to experience a lot of things that people do in the real world before we go into a job. We are so much more prepared, because the Quantitative Finance program is so practically oriented.”
Alexandra Middleton, Class of 2014

“We don’t expect entry-level people to come in knowing so much. The Stevens BI&A program gives them a head start on the tools and an understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish through analytics.”
Ed Frankel, director of U.S. talent and acquisition at Mediacom

"We've long recognized Stevens as one of the better colleges for producing people who understand innovation."
Rich Bingham, director of global strategy, marketing and communications at Pershing LLC