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For program specific questions please contact the program directors below:

Academic Programs

BS in Business & Technology

Ann Mooney-Murphy

BS in Quantitative Finance

George Calhoun

MS in Business Intelligence & Analytics

Ted Stohr

MBA, EMBA, MS in Technology Management and MS in Management

Brian Rothschild

MS in Information Systems and Finance

Michael zur Muehlen

MS in Enterprise Project Management

Tal Ben Zvi

MS in Telecommunications Management

Kevin Ryan

Doctoral Studies

Thomas Lechler

Research Centers

Center for Decision Technologies (CDT)

Jeffrey Nickerson

Center for Business Process Innovation (CEBPI)

Michael zur Muehlen

Center for Technology Management Research (CTMR)

Edward A. Stohr

Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship (CCE)

Peter Koen

Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM)

Trish Gorman


Corporate Education

Kal Vadasz