An inside look at what's happening at Howe

Top firms seek Howe grad students for internships

The reputation for excellence that the Howe School is developing means companies like Nasdaq, Barclays and Bank of America are eager to hire graduate students to take on leadership positions as interns. Full story>>

Dialed in to telecom industry's needs

Students in the Telecommunications Management master's program benefit from faculty with decades of industry experience and courses that are immediately applicable to their workplaces. It's just one way this degree program remains distinct in a crowded field. Full story>>

An innovation sensation

Howe School seniors showcased the value of a business education during Stevens' annual Innovation Expo. Students built online and social media strategies created consulting platforms, built and promoted finance education software and more. Full story>>

Other highlights in this issue

Dean Gregory Prastacos shares some recent research accomplishments at the Howe School, and expains how they can help corporate partners, in his message to readers. ... Professor George Calhoun, the director of the Quantitative Finance program, explains his vision as acting director of the Financial Systems Center. ... High school students get a taste of Wall Street trading at a competition hosted in the Hanlon Lab. ... A Howe School alumnus explains how his master's degree helps him with his management duties at Haier America.

Download the complete Summer 2014 issue here.

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