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Howe Quarterly

The Fall 2014 edition is all about entrepreneurship, a key area of focus for the Howe School of Technology Management. Read about Modularity, launched through a Howe School class; the retooled Entrepreneurship minor; an innovation and entrepreneurship summer camp; and more. Read more >>


The spring 2014 edition of the official publication of the Howe School Alliance for Technology Management puts a new spin on some long-held ideas about project management and leadership. Read more >>

New Faculty

The Howe School of Technology Management welcomes five new faculty members for the fall 2014 semester — professors Bonini (left), Chen, Houlihan, Hu and Safadi. Meet them >>

Dean's Message

In September, a Wall Street Journal article examined passion and how it plays a constructive, but sometimes destructive, role for entrepreneurs. Specifically, the article looked at business planning, and how heedlessly optimistic entrepreneurs may make unattainable plans. 

I found it interesting because I’ve long believed passion critical to success in business, but it must be grounded. At the Howe School of Technology Management, entrepreneurship instruction eschews business planning for what Peter Koen and Gary Lynn — both successful entrepreneurs who lead our instruction in this area — call “business doing.” The Entrepreneurial Thinking course gets engineering students to create low-fidelity prototypes that are shown to customers before a lot of resources are sunk into creating expensive models that may be unpopular. That means innovations that do make it to market — see Modularity’s work — have been refined through input from many potential customers. The course encourages passion, but tempers it with reality.

Modularity’s success is just one example of how faculty bring practical insight to theory-driven education, preparing graduates to succeed — whether at a major corporation or at their own firm.

- Dean Gregory Prastacos