7th Annual Modeling HF Data in Finance Conference

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The Financial Systems Center (FSC) is a center for the creation of innovative teaching techniques applied to all levels of education using cutting-edge high definition audio-visual technology that will enhance teaching. The classroom has multiple workstations to provide students with access to real-time data feeds from leading providers of financial information such as: Bloomberg, RealTick, Thomson Reuters and Gain Capital. Software providers and partners include Decide-FS, Tripwire, Redseal and Fortify. In addition, the classroom is equipped with the following:

Trading Room
The trading room replicates a real-world trading experience and functions as a classroom and a laboratory

Touch screen master control monitor
The Touch Screen Monitor will allow users to select the type of image source from a menu (document camera, main computer, laptop). Once an image is selected it can be seen on the projector or preview monitor. A user can also change the light settings in the room and the audio levels for presentation on the touch screen monitor.

Dual high definition projectors and screens
There will be a high definition projector with one main screen and an additional drop down screen that is available as needed.

The instructor computer will have multiple software installed among them Bloomberg, FactSet, Capital IQ and Morningstar installed as well as the Microsoft Office suite and internet access.  A laptop port allows a user to connect their laptop for a presentation.

Video conferencing
The Center's classroom will be equipped with high definition cameras and voice activated microphones for video conferencing which dramatically improves the sending and receiving of educational services between distant sites.For additional information on technical information regarding video conferences please contact FSC Lab Manager.