On campus there sits a room that comes alive twice each year with the energy and excitement of current students conversing with alumni and exchanging career advice, history lessons and (sometimes) even job offers.  The Telethon is a twice-annual reminder that alumni and parents give much more than financial support when they connect with our student callers.  These callers are proud representatives of the University, who work evenings and Sundays to raise funds for scholarships, financial aid, academic programs and campus maintenance.

Our mission is to increase annual participation among alumni and parents, while also establishing ties with those who are not able to return to campus regularly. We phone alumni to thank them for previous donations, inform them about the latest news at the University, share and compare Stevens experiences, invite milestone classes to Reunion weekend and raise money for students and faculty through the Stevens Fund.

Stevens continues to thrive as "The Innovation University," and continues to offer very highly ranked academic programs, because of its alumni. When you choose to give back to Stevens with an annual gift, you are helping prepare today's students for tomorrow's challenges. No matter which area or program you choose to support, each gift is valuable; each gift helps offset expenses, close the gaps between tuition and costs, and allow us to become the best university we can be.

Each year, members of the Stevens community continue to respond favorably to the Telethon and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the University through the Stevens Fund.  Thank you!

If you have questions about the student calling program, please contact Claudette Williams, Development Manager at (201) 216-5149.

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Providing financial aid through scholarships is a core commitment of Stevens. The ability to increase the financial aid packages that we offer to students and their families is due to the generosity of our alumni and friends who graciously fund endowed and fellowship scholarships every year.

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