CHI-Undergraduate Healthcare Research Scholarships Application Instructions

Undergraduate students who have completed their freshmen, sophomore or junior year and are participating in any of the following summer research programs:

  • Stevens Scholars
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholars
  • Volunteers performing summer research

Award and obligations:
The student will receive a $2,000 stipend and the faculty mentor will receive up to $3,000 for to cover research expenses. Funds will be made available at the start of each semester, (half the award each semester). To receive the award, the student must register and complete two independent study research courses as described below. Award recipients will be notified mid July.

Application deadline:
June 30

To apply, the student must submit by email to the CHI Director (CCing their faculty mentor) a short proposal (1 page max) that describes the research project that will be extended from the summer to the upcoming fall and spring semesters, the year that they will graduate and the name of the faculty who has agreed to serve as the faculty mentor for this project over the upcoming year.

PRV 301-302 (0-8-3/semester) Research in Healthcare Innovation I & II (6 total credits).
Enrollment requires approval by the Director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation. Students from any school or college who conduct healthcare-related summer research as described above are eligible for enrollment, allowing them to extend the summer research project already initiated under the guidance of a faculty advisor to the fall and spring semesters. The 8 hours of research/week/semester are to be arranged with the faculty advisor; credits can be used to satisfy General Education Elective course requirements for the bachelor’s degree. The fall semester grade will be based on the effort of the student and the progress of the research.A written report in acceptable journal format and an oral presentation is required at the end of the spring semester. If the scope of the project is judged to be of sufficient merit by the faculty advisor, the project can be submitted as a senior thesis and if accepted be recognized along with the bachelor’s degree as "degree with thesis". PRV 301 and 302 cannot be taken simultaneously or independently of one another.