Continuing Professional Development

The Stevens Healthcare Educational Partnership (SHEP)

Since 2006, The Stevens Healthcare Educational Partnership is dedicated to providing relevant and resonant professional education and field support to its member organizations. Based in The Howe School of Technology and Management, SHEP utilizes both faculty and student talent to provide an array of organizational system support services replete with current practice and high quality standards.

Customized Training - Starting with a comprehensive on-site needs analysis, SHEP develops curriculum and matches highly qualified faculty with the specific dynamics of member healthcare organizations to provide stellar-targeted training in areas ranging from strategic planning to targeted selection to criterion-based performance systems.

NJ Labor & Workforce Development Programs - Funded by seven successive grants from The State of New Jersey, SHEP has provided professional education in over twenty relevant topics in healthcare leadership and management, customer relations, basic language skills and other critical topics. A complete catalog of courses is available and readily delivered to all member organizations upon request.

Employee Engagement Programs - Using the copyrighted Change Readiness Index (CRI) and other field-proven instruments, comprehensive organizational surveys can be conducted across the span of your organization  with supplemental employee feedback sessions and meaningful action plans.

Student Interns - Both undergraduate and graduate students are available to SHEP Members for placement in specific organizational assignments on-site. Student interns are tasked with producing projects with impact outcomes in areas such as performance improvement, patient education, organizational development and healthcare informatics.

Senior Design Teams - High performance teams of seniors are assigned to projects developed jointly by organizational leadership and Stevens faculty, and then spend an eight month dedicated work cycle towards producing expected goals which are assessed by both the organization and Stevens.

For further information, please contact Dr. Don Lombardi, Executive Director of SHEP at or (201) 216-5661.