Undergraduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
ME 225Dynamics3036
ME 234Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics3036
ME 322Engineering Design VI2224
ME 335Thermal Engineering3136
ME 342Fluid Mechanics3136
ME 345Modeling and Simulation3224
ME 354Heat Transfer3036
ME 358Machine Dynamics and Mechanisms3136
ME 361Design of Machine Components3036
ME 401Special Problem in ME3800
ME 421Energy Conversion Systems3033
ME 423Engineering Design VII3614
ME 424Engineering Design VIII3614
ME 453Advanced Fluid Mechanics3033
ME 463Research in Mechanical Engineering I3803
ME 464Research in Mechanical Engineering II3803
ME 470Mechanical Engineering Systems Laboratory2302
ME 471Mechanics of Materials3033
ME 473Design of Mechanical Systems3033
ME 483Control Systems3036
ME 491Manufacturing Processes and Systems3036
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
NANO 325Introduction to Nanofabrication and Characterization3030