Graduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
ME 501Basic Engineering Mechanics3000
ME 502Introduction to Engineering Analysis3000
ME 503Principles of Mechanical Engineering3000
ME 504Interior Ballistics and Design for Projection3000
ME 505Theory and Performance of Propellants and Explosives I3000
ME 506Theory of Performance of Propellants and Explosives II3000
ME 507Exterior Ballistics3000
ME 508Terminal Ballistics3000
ME 509Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering3000
ME 510Power Plant Engineering3000
ME 511Wind Energy-Theory & Application3030
ME 513Introduction to Nuclear Engineering3030
ME 515Automotive Engineering3000
ME 516Nuclear Reactor Safety and Waste Disposal3030
ME 517Nuclear Power Plant Design & Operation3030
ME 520Analysis and Design of Composites3000
ME 521Nondestructive Evaluation3000
ME 522Mechatronics3000
ME 525Biomechanics3
ME 526Biofluid Mechanics3033
ME 527Mechanics of Human Movement3033
ME 528Physiological Systems (for Engineers)3030
ME 529Modern and Advanced Combustion Engines3000
ME 530Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing3000
ME 531Process Safety Management0000
ME 532Air Pollution Principles and Control3000
ME 534Industrial and Environmental Catalytic Processes3000
ME 535Good Manufacturing Practice in Pharmaceutical Facilities Design 3030
ME 537Sustainable Design and Operation for FDA Regulated Facilities 3030
ME 538Chemical Techonology Processes in API Manufacturing 3000
ME 539Bioprocess Technology in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing3030
ME 540Validation and Regulatory Affairs in Pharmeceutical Manufacturing 3000
ME 541Validation of Computerized Systems3000
ME 543Air-Conditioning3000
ME 545Introduction to Aerospace Engineering3033
ME 546Introduction to Turbomachinery3000
ME 547Validation for Medical Device Manufacturers3030
ME 551Microprocessor Applications in Mechanical Engineering3
ME 554Introduction to Computer-Aided Design3
ME 555Lean Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry3030
ME 560Total Quality Control3030
ME 564Principles of Optimum Design and Manufacture3000
ME 566Design for Manufacturability 3000
ME 573Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems3000
ME 580Medical Device Design and Technology3030
ME 581Introduction to Bio Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (BioMEMS)3000
ME 584Vibration and Acoustics in Product Design 3000
ME 585Good Manufacturing Practice in Medical Device Facility Design3030
ME 590Environmental Law for Practicing Engineers3000
ME 594Computer Methods in Mechanical Engineering3000
ME 595Heat Exchanger Design3
ME 596Thermal Analysis and Design in Electronic Packaging3000
ME 597Integrated Design and Packaging of Electronic Systems3000
ME 598Introduction to Robotics3000
ME 601Engineering Thermodynamics3000
ME 604Advanced Heat Transfer3000
ME 605Conduction Heat Transfer3000
ME 607Radiation Heat Transfer3030
ME 609Convective Heat Transfer3000
ME 610Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering3000
ME 611Engineering Acoustics3
ME 612Selected Topics in Air Pollution Technology 3
ME 614Nuclear Reactor Theory & Design3030
ME 615Thermal Systems Design 3
ME 616Thermal-Hydraulics Design of Nuclear Power Reactors3030
ME 617Flame Structure and Combustion Processes3
ME 621Introduction to Modern Control Engineering3000
ME 622Optimal Control and Estimation of Dynamical Systems3000
ME 623Design of Control Systems3000
ME 624Intelligent Mechatronic Systems3000
ME 625Gas Turbines3000
ME 627Turbomachines 3
ME 628Manufacturing and Packaging of Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Products3000
ME 631Mechanical Vibrations I3000
ME 632Mechanical Vibrations II 3000
ME 635Simulation and Modeling3030
ME 636Project Management of Complex Systems3030
ME 639Modeling and Simulation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Systems3030
ME 641Engineering Analysis I3000
ME 642Engineering Analysis II 3000
ME 644Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing3000
ME 645Design of Production Systems3000
ME 646Biopharmaceuticals Facilities Design0000
ME 648Mechanics of Continuous Media3000
ME 649Design of Water, Steam, & CIP Utility Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing3000
ME 651Analytic Dynamics3000
ME 652Advanced Manufacturing 3
ME 653Design of PAT Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing3000
ME 654Advanced Robotics3000
ME 658Advanced Mechanics of Solids3000
ME 659Advanced Structural Design3000
ME 660Medical Devices Manufacturing3030
ME 661Advanced Stress Analysis3000
ME 663Finite-Element Methods3000
ME 664Special Topics in Applied Finite-Element Methods3000
ME 665Advanced Product Development3
ME 668Engineering Fracture Mechanics3000
ME 669Theory of Plasticity3000
ME 673Aeroelasticity3000
ME 674Fluid Dynamics3000
ME 675Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer2000
ME 678Viscous and Turbulent Flows3000
ME 679Mechanics of Compressible Fluids3
ME 680Fundamentals of Micro/Nano Fluidics3030
ME 681Applications of Advanced Micro/Nano Materials, Structures and Devices3000
ME 682Advanced Nanofabrication for Nanoelectronics3000
ME 684Multiphase Flows 3000
ME 690Cell Mechanics3030
ME 691Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering3030
ME 700Seminar in Mechanical Engineering0000
ME 701ME Co-Op Education Project0000
ME 799Practicum for Graduate Students0000
ME 800Special Problems in Mechanical Engineering (ME)3000
ME 801Special Problems in Mechanical Engineering (PhD)3000
ME 802Special Problems in Mechanical Engineering (Deg ME)3000
ME 810Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering0000
ME 900Thesis in Mechanical Engineering6000
ME 950Mechanical Engineering Design Project 12000
ME 960Research in Mechanical Engineering3
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
NANO 503Introduction to Solid State Physics3030
NANO 525Techniques of Surface and Nanostructure Characterization3030
NANO 553Introduction to Quantum Mechanics3030
NANO 554Quantum Mechanics I3030
NANO 555Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles3030
NANO 570Environmental Chemistry3036
NANO 571Physicochemical Processes for Environmental Control3036
NANO 596Fabrication Techniques for Micro and Nano Devices3036
NANO 600Nanoscale Science and Technology3030
NANO 602Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis3033
NANO 610Health and Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology3030
NANO 615Crystallization of Biological Molecules3033
NANO 650Advanced Biomaterials3030
NANO 652Design and Fabrication of Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems3030
NANO 653Nanocatalysis3033
NANO 672Polymers at Solid-Liquid Interfaces3030
NANO 674Polymer Functionality3036
NANO 675Nanomedicine3036
NANO 680Fundamentals of Micro/Nano Fluidics3030
NANO 682Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena at the Nanoscale3030
NANO 685Nanobiotechnology3030
NANO 690Cellular Signal Transduction 3030
NANO 691Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures3036
NANO 695Bio/Nano Photonics3030
NANO 700Seminar in Nanotechnology0000
NANO 701Multiscale Mechanics and Computational Methods3030
NANO 702Microchemical Systems3033
NANO 740The Physics of Nanostructures3030
NANO 810Special Topics in Nanotechnology3030