College of Arts and Letters Faculty List

Carlos Alomar
Distinguished Artist in Residence, Music & Technology

Andrew Brick
Distinguished Industry Associate Professor
SGA Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award

Diana Bush
Teaching Assistant Professor

Dawn Digrius
Assistant Professor, History

Garry Dobbins
Teaching Associate Professor, Philosphy

Lisa Dolling
Dean, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Aysegul Durakoglu
Teaching Associate Professor, Music & Technology

Edward Foster
Professor, History, Creative Writing

Richard (Ricky) Graham
Assistant Professor, Music & Technology

Robin Hammerman
Teaching Assistant Professor

Robert Harari
Teaching Associate Professor, Music & Technology

John Horgan
Director, Center for Science Writings

Susan Levin
Professor, Literature

Jennifer McBryan
Teaching Assistant Professor

James McClellan III
Professor, History

Billy Middleton
Teaching Assistant Professor, Writing and Communication

Gregory Morgan
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Joyce Mullan
Teaching Assistant Professor

Benjamin  Ogden
Teaching Assistant Professor

Anthony Pennino
Assistant Professor, Literature; Theater & Technology

Andrew Rubenfeld
Teaching Professor, Literature

Andrew Russell
Assistant Professor, History. Director, Program in Science & Technology Studies

Susan Schept
Teaching Associate Professor, Humanities

Deborah Sinnreich-Levi
Associate Professor, Literature

Michael Steinmann
Professor, Philosophy

Yu Tao
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, Sociology

Jeff Thompson
Assistant Professor and Program Director, Visual Arts and Technology

Lee Vinsel
Assistant Professor, Science and Technology Studies

Jason Vredenburg
Teaching Assistant Professor

Jonathan Wharton
Assistant Professor, History, Social Sciences, Political Science

Mary Robin Whitney
Teaching Assistant Professor, Freshman Writing and Communications/The Freshman Experience