CAL Minor Requirements

Any Stevens undergraduate student has the option to minor in a CAL discipline.

The CAL minor requires a total of 9 humanities courses including the Freshman Experience (CAL 103 and CAL 105). Beyond these courses, a minimum of six courses in the minor discipline has to be taken. Depending on the discipline and with the approval of the advisor, these can be:

  • one lower division (100/200-level) course and five upper division (300/400-level) courses


  • two lower division (100/200-level) courses and four upper division (300/400-level) courses.

In addition, students must taken one upper division (300/400-level) course in a CAL discipline outside the minor field. All courses applied to the minor must qualify for general humanities credit (for specific requirements applying to a minor in art, music or theater please refer to their respective minor requirements). 

Summary of requirements for the CAL minor:

  • Freshman Experience: CAL 103 and CAL 105
  • Six classes in the discipline of the minor: one (or two) lower division (100/200-level) plus five (or four) upper division (300/400-level) courses
  • One upper division (300/400-level) class outside the minor discipline in another CAL discipline