Music & Technology at Stevens

The Music & Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is designed to provide undergraduate students with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between music and technology. In this program you will gain not only the skills and technological aptitude necessary for any actively engaged musician, but cultivate an insight into the mutually dependent nature of music and technology. With such insight, our students actively engage the critical thinking necessary for implementing creative and technical innovation in music.


All Music & Technology students will complete a rigorous unified curriculum that will include courses in music theory, history, composition, production, sound design, instrumental proficiency and technological innovation. This unified curriculum will prepare the student for a future within a field in which technological innovation and implementation is an increasingly critical requisite. The Music and Technology Major at Stevens is focused on providing a well-balanced course of study that will prepare the student for the ever increasing demands of today's musicians.


  • The Electroacoustic Studio houses a Genelec 5.1 surround sound system for multi-channel reproduction in a unique acoustically-treated space, allowing students to create electroacoustic and spatial music and explore the dynamic world of acousmatics. The studio is the venue for lectures and demonstrations and is also open for independent student work and research.
  • The Music Studio is a new multifaceted recording studio, teaching and project facility. It is home to an SSL Matrix console, multi computer array and a professional 9 ft. Baldwin Grand Piano. This environment provides Music & Technology students a home to create and explore music with advanced technology and quality acoustic musical instruments in a collaborative and inspirational space.

  • The Piano Lab contains fourteen 88-key weighted keyboard controllers that are used for piano pedagogy and composition. The facility is also available to students who use the keyboards as MIDI controllers, interfacing with their laptop-based projects.

  • The Sound Synthesis Research Center (SSRC) is home to an extensive array of electronic music tools including synthesizers, electronic drums, guitar MIDI controllers and cutting edge audio processors. The SSRC provides for students a dedicated research space in which they can experiment and innovate on a variety of topics at the intersection of music and technology.


The Music & Technology program provides great and diverse opportunities for our graduates in a wide variety of areas. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for positions such as a Sound Engineer, Producer, Composer, Orchestrator, Studio Proprietor, Sound Designer, Audio Content Developer, Researcher, Programmer, Instrument Designer/Developer, Performer, and Education.

Recent graduates have secured job positions as Audio Engineer at MSNBC; Chief Engineer at a syndicated radio station; Staff Composer for a Film and TV music production house; Graduate School: Master of Music Composition and Theory; and Audio Content Producer for


As a student in our programs you will have access to faculty who are engaged in some of the most exciting and innovative projects in their fields. Among our Music & Technology faculty are a world-class guitarist who has toured and recorded with some of the best known artists in the industry; an acclaimed sound engineer who has worked with artists across genres and styles; a concert pianist who has toured the world and performed on some of the most famous concert stages; an award-winning composer who conducts international symphonies; and an internationally renowned musician and music producer known for everything from ambient and experimental music to progressive rock. 

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