Stevens Multi-Media, LLC

Castle Point™ Productions, Publishing & Records

Our students have more real world opportunities if they choose to participate in the student owned corporation Stevens Multimedia, LLC. This unique, real world venture was designed by the director in 2005 to enable students to research current trends in media development and marketing. Prof. Musial and Prof. Eliot Loshak, guided the first semester music business students through the formation of Stevens Multimedia LLC. With the assistance of Dean Ken Nilsen of Student Life, and Dr. Helena Wisniewski and her team in the Technology Initiatives and University Research Office, a substantial grant was provided for our students to create this fascinating environment. The students decided that the first "label" would be dedicated to Pop Rock and they secured a trade mark for the name "Castle Point™ Records" and the slogan "New Rock From The Point! ™." Students found professional bands/acts from the East Coast and produced a compilation album titled Delusions of Grandeur. This debut album was released at a live concert at the popular rock club "Maxwell's" in April 2005. Since then, they have performed at the world famous "Stone Pony" on the New Jersey Shore, and at a variety of other clubs on the East coast. In the fall of 2006, they packed the "Snitch Rock and Roll" club in New York City. They also premiered two new acts in 2006: "Funky Numchucks" and "Wellsville” now honor our slogan: "New Rock From The Point! ™. Both acts have members who are current Music and Technology students, and through Castle Point™ Productions, they enjoy the opportunity to perform and appear in New York venues and local television stations.

Our students have appeared on live television talk shows where they learned first hand, how to promote their product. Delusions of Grandeur has national distribution via Nile Rodger's "Sumthing Distribution" corporation and appears on the Internet portals "MySpace," "YouTube" and "iTunes"! In the fall of 2007, Castle Points Songs were accepted by "iTunes' and the students formed Castle Point Music Publishing affiliated with ASCAP. Future plans include a multi-university tour, college radio promotion and continued band development via our websites:,, and

Audio Engineering Society

Students attend the international convention in New York City and get to see how the real world works! They meet multi-platinum producer engineers, artists and equipment manufacturers. Software developers and industry pros often then visit our campus and teach a class in their specialty. (Room for many photos here or a link to a custom page as well.) Students are equipped with resumes and bios and seek internships or employment at these conventions. They also meet with the media and pitch new stories.

Grammy U

Carlos Alomar, our advanced guitar instructor is an executive with the National Association of Recording Arts (NARAS) who hosts the Grammy Awards. He has informed our students of the University Chapter and they attend Grammy related events in New York City.

The Bob Moog Foundation

The foundation is dedicated to developing the art of Electronic Music and the advancement of Music Technology as a whole. Robert Moog pioneered the invention of music synthesizers in the mid 1960’s and the Moog Synthesizer changed the way the world makes music. It has inspired a new generation of composers and performers. David Musial, our Program Director has accepted the honored position as Director of Academic Membership and Development. Stevens Music Technology majors who are also Castle Point Records members have the prestige of being the first students in the world to become members of this exciting foundation. They will help to create a Bob Moog Center for Recording Arts, raise scholarship funds and create new Electronic Music.