About Music

The Music and Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is designed  to provide undergraduate students with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between Music and Technology.  We view technology not merely as a tool that may foster the creative process but as a mirror reflecting  the creative spirit of the individual. In this regard, it is our mission to not merely provide the musicianship skills and technological  aptitude necessary for any actively engaged musician,   but cultivate an insight into the historically pendant nature of music and technology.  With such insight,  we can actively engage the  necessary critical thinking to foster innovation in music production, composition and technological design.

It is also critical to note that  any discipline within the  field can no longer rely only on that knowledge provided by the traditional conservatory training.   Today, without a demonstrated mastery of the current technological tools of the art, the conception of the art, no matter how well defined or conceived,  may never be brought to fruition.   Students that lack a well-balanced discipline will be insufficiently prepared for the demands of today?s musicians.

As such, all Music and Technology students will complete a "core" curriculum that will include courses in traditional music theory, history, production piano/performance proficiency, and technological tools.  The core curriculum is designed to provide the student with the fundamental skills necessary for further concentration within the curriculum

Upon completion of the core curriculum, students will declare one of three program concentrations:

Production/Recording/Sound Design  

Students concentrating in Production/Recording/Sound Design will focus their attention on the creation and recreation of sound in a way that takes into consideration how  the mind perceives sound.  The concentration will explore how the mind interprets audio signals and the perceptions of those signals based on experiential and empirical data.   To do so, students will draw from the basic tenets of physics, engineering, musical harmony and orchestration and implement such prescripts via state-of-the-art technological tools.   By mastering these tenets, students will then have the technical ability as a basis to explore their own innovative and creative vision.  Accordingly, these skills can be applied in many different environments, from traditional recording and live sound applications, to sound design for construction and industry.

Composition and Theory

The Composition and Theory concentration at Stevens develops an exciting synthesis between traditional techniques of music and cutting edge music technology.   Students concentrating in Composition and Theory will take  requisite 18th and 19th century music theory and ear training,  contemporary music theory and composition, orchestration and additional piano studies. Students will  draw upon the core curriculum to realize their traditional compositions and orchestrations  allowing them to build a recorded  and printed  repertoire of commercial and/or non-commercial compositions. Students will also be encouraged to explore advanced  production and design electives so that they may apply their concentration to new and innovative musical forms. 

Software Design

With the cooperation of the Stevens Institute department of Computer Science, the Music and Technology program at Stevens offers a concentration in software design.  Students who declare this concentration will not only meet the core requirements for a B.A. in music but will meet the demands of a secondary concentration in Computer Science  focused on attaining those skills immediately relevant to computer software design and programming.  By combining the core music computer science curriculum students will embrace a more profound understanding of the complex needs and demands underlying the creation of the software tools imminently pervasive within our medium and will be poised to conceive of and create the next generation tool set.  

Music Ensembles and Organizations

In addition music and technology majors will elect to participate in Stevens Jazz band, Concert  Band, Choir or one of various Music and Technology approved ensembles.  Students may also participate in the student owned corporation Stevens Multimedia, LLC. This corporation was designed to enable students to research current trends in media development and marketing and functions under the trademark "Castle Point Records."