The Music and Technology Recording Studio

In addition to serving the entire Stevens campus’ media infrastructure, the Music and Technology Recording Studio will allow Stevens students to nurture and cultivate a creative and innovative approach to the field of Music and Technology. The overall function of this facility is to support the needs of the Music and Technology program within the Division of Technology and the Arts. Once constructed, not only would this facility provide the tools for all courses that are currently part of the Music and Technology curriculum but, if integrated with the larger campus, can be used for multiple functions of audio production attached to multimedia distribution at Stevens.


Currently, Music and Technology students must travel to an off-campus recording studio for all sound recording classes. The rental costs for these facilities average $20,000 a year, and only allow students to use the studio during rented time. The construction of a Recording Studio on campus would provide an unrestricted space for these students to explore and experiment in the recording studio environment, hone their critical listening skills, and promote creativity and innovation in music production, composition, and technological design.

About Music and Technology at Stevens

The Music and Technology Program at Stevens provides the musicianship skills and technological aptitude necessary for any actively engaged musician, and cultivates an insight into the history of music and technology. With such insight, students can actively engage the necessary critical thinking to foster innovation in music production.

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