Literature at Stevens

The literature area at Stevens provides students with the opportunity to study great books of world literature in their entirety to understand what and how these texts signify. Because Stevens is located 10 minutes from New York City, a number of our courses involve literary and cultural events in the city

The area's ongoing project with the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (Greece: Ancient Literary Legacy—Modern Entrepreneurial Technology) takes students to symposia, exhibits, and lectures in Manhattan, and brings eminent scholars to campus. The project integrates the study of literature with Stevens' focus on technology, invention, and entrepreneurship.

Similarly, the page-to-stage initiative takes students to Broadway and off-Broadway plays, operas at the Metropolitan, and concerts at Carnegie Hall. Bringing the experience back, the Literature department has produced V-DAY at Stevens for 15 years.


Our degree options include:

  • Single Degree: In the single degree program, students earn a B.A. in Literature. This program requires a secondary concentration, ensuring that students coming to Stevens for a B.A. can take advantage of our programs in such fields as History of Science, Computer Science, Environmental Engineering, and Business and Technology.
  • Double Degree:  In the double degree program, students earn a B.A. in Literature while also obtaining another B.A., B.S., or B.E. degree. 
  • Minor in Literature:  All undergraduate students at Stevens can obtain a minor in Literature. 


"What is perhaps most notable about the literature program is that, unlike most things in life, its benefits are derived almost immediately. As an undergraduate student at Stevens, I was inundated with a myriad of classes focused solely on applied sciences and technology. During that time, the literature classes I enrolled in were nothing short of mental sanctuaries which assisted in keeping me level and focused from day one of my college experience."

-Domenic M. (BE, lit minor) '04
Software Engineering Manager

"While the education I received at Stevens has brought me many career opportunities, it was the literature program that provided memorable experiences and sparked my creativity. Researching the origin of King Arthur, watching Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in Central Park on a night in midsummer, after we had discussed the play in class, will be with me always."

-Lillian C. (B.A., B.E.)
Senior Market Analyst at PSEG

"I use my literature major every day. …I am able to encourage my students to use writing in all of our assignments. ...Without my literature degree, I know that I would put less emphasis on writing in my chemistry classroom. My literature degree enables me to guide my students in their writing. I am able to structure my expectations through rubrics and examples that help each student successfully demonstrate their understanding of our course material."

-Kelly C. (BA, BS) '03
High school chemistry teacher, and ChemTAG representative
(Chemistry Affiliate Teacher Group, American Chemical Society)

"The interviewer did not ask me a single question about my MCAT scores, my grades, activities, or [my] research. The only classes he wanted to talk about were the literature classes that I had taken for my minor. We discussed Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. He thought that it was wonderful that I had taken so many literature classes."

-Rachel H., MD (B.E., literature minor) 
A description of her medical school interview

"I would not have considered my collegiate education complete without [also completing a minor in western literature]. ...I respect Stevens for requiring undergraduates to take more humanities classes than other universities … I have had more than one interview where we spent the first ten minutes talking about technical topics and the next 45 talking about Kafka or interesting stories I have from my humanities classes at Stevens. It never fails to amaze me how easily you can impress someone by inserting a relevant reference from Othello or Plato into a conversation."

-Lawrence G. (BS, MS Physics)
Minors: Pure & Applied Mathematics & Literature
Sr. Quantitative Analyst, JPMorganChase


Literature faculty members publish widely on a variety of topics. Their areas of specialization include medieval literature, Shakespeare, Nineteenth Century poetry and prose, theatre of the Romantic Period, women composers, post-World War II American literature, and rhetoric and composition.

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