Humanities and Social Sciences at Stevens

The Humanities and Social Sciences program at Stevens Institute of Technology gives students the opportunity to examine themselves, their culture, and their history as well as the culture and history of others.

It strives to empower technologists, engineers, and scientists with the ability to speak and write in a manner that is literate and articulate, to think creatively, and to be more ethically responsible.  Similarly, it strives to empower its humanists and artists with the knowledge necessary to become leaders in their fields.  

The Humanities and Social Sciences program at Stevens Institute of Technology offers four majors in a variety of fields:


The History major at Stevens examines the past so that students will better understand the present and the future. In particular, students will examine the ways that science and technology have developed over time and how those developments shape our contemporary society and inform our future.  
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The Literature major at Stevens examines genres, movements, literary periods, and major authors from around the world and emphasizes reading, writing about, and discussing great books. These works, periods, genres, and authors are frequently discussed with a particular focus on considerations of how they portray science and technology. 
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The Philosophy major at Stevens examines the traditional fields of philosophy with the unique advantage of doing so at an institution renowned for advances in science and engineering. Students explore how technological innovation intersects with philosophical inquiry, allowing them to apply philosophical analysis to practical and societal issues that have arisen as a result of technological advancement. 
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The Social Sciences major at Stevens examines the political, sociological, and psychological impact of technology, engineering, and science upon society. The major offers a variety of courses in each of the three primary areas of social science: Psychology, Sociology and Political Science.
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Faculty Spotlight

Garry Dobbins

Teaching Associate Professor, Philosophy

What are your research areas of interest?

My research interests include exploring the points of intersection between ethics and logic; the work of Plato, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein; the concept of thinking and speaking, from logical, psychological and ethical perspectives; the mind as it manifests itself in individuals and peoples; and conceptual issues shared between logic and mathematics. 

What are some of the courses you are currently teaching?

I currently teach Science and Metaphysics, Foundations of Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy of Science, and CAL 105, which is part of the Freshman Experience.

What can students expect when they take a class with you?

I try to make discussions freewheeling, and fun, while always keeping a clear view of the issue under discussion. Students who are active participants in the classroom find the work easier and more interesting.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching?

While not teaching I listen to music, try to play my guitar, go hiking, read books, spend time with my children, and generally look to enjoy life's innocent pleasures.